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Bright Solutions Group is focused on the development and manufacturing of Solid State Lasers dedicated to several applications including industrial, medical and Aerospace applications. Our know-how spans from Lasers and Optics to Optical Systems Engineering, Electronic Design and testing, Mechanical design, Optical Equipment and Instruments Technology.


Via degli Artigiani, 27 Cura Carpignano PV 27010

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      Via degli Artigiani, 27 Cura Carpignano PV 27010

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      Giuliano Piccinno - CEO

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      +39 0382583094

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    Bright Solutions develops and manufactures highly integrated solid state lasers for applications in the industrial market as well as scientific, medical and aerospace. Our capabilities span from manufacturing of standard DPSS lasers and diode lasers manufactured in volumes to customised developments of single units for unique and specific application fields.