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Business Integration Partners (BIP) was founded in 2003 as a spin-off from one of the major consulting firms worldwide and today is recognised as one of the largest players in the European management consulting business.

Eighteen years after its foundation, with more than 3.500 professionals worldwide at Group level, and an annual consolidated turnover exceeding € 315 million, BIP is regarded as a true success story in European strategy and management consulting and as an ideal business advisor for its quality, innovation, efficiency, expertise in modernisation and development.

BIP has evolved in a large group and developed a major global network with several offices across Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Middle East, BIP can support its clients globally.

BIP can boast several successful projects of high complexity for European and International public bodies (European Commission, GSA, Eurocontrol, SESAR Deployment Manager, etc.) and  industries, that confirm technical and professional skills that can be put into practice during the project execution phase.

In fact, BIP has a balanced mix of professionals belonging to the STEM category and with management/economics background, with diverse seniority levels, enabling the possibility to select the most suitable team blend according to the project needs.

In the last few years, BIP is increasing its footprint in the Space domain, being awarded with an increasing number of projects and acquiring over time professional profiles and knowledge from the space sector, recognising the rising importance that this segment represents both for national and international institutions and for the quality of citizens' everyday life.

At the same time, BIP has developed a strong investment plan for the acquisition of specialists of the “digital world”, becoming one of the major representatives of this domain in Europe. Witness to this process is the enrichment and growth of BIP’s Centres of Excellence (CoE), both from the human resources and technical skills point of view, bringing wide knowledge of 4.0 industry topics and its applications, rising among the major exponents of the sector in Italy.

BIP represents a valuable link between upstream and downstream segments of the Space sector.


Piazza San Babila 5, 20122 Milan, Italy

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      Piazza San Babila 5, 20122 Milan, Italy

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      Carlo Amoruso – Equity Partner

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    England, London; Spain Madrid, Barcelona; Belgium, Brussels; Switzerland, Lugano; Austria, Wien; Turkey, Istanbul; United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi; USA, New York; Brazil, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro; Chile, Santiago de Chile; Colombia, Bogota

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    BIP is a Consulting Company that is strongly investing in the space domain. During the past years BIP has played a major role in the acquisition of know how and management of key digitalization technologies the public and private institutions and for the downstream sector, managing “digital enablers” through an agile approach and in line with the state of the art of international standards for project management.

    Digital technologies, especially in combination with the standardisation approach and modularization, are considered as cross-cutting resources that improve the flexibility of space systems, cost efficiency, reliability and security by enabling the accessibility and sustainability of space infrastructures. Therefore, it is essential to design sustainable, highly automated, flexible and cost-effective space infrastructures to maximise the opportunities for use in space and on earth.

    Being in the middle of a “virtuous circle” linking space to downstream industries and stakeholders, BIP offers consultancy support to space industries and public institutions for all the aspects related to innovation brought by digitalization, thanks to an extensive experience and successful use cases gained through the years.

    More than 500  experts from the digital world from our Centres of Excellence (CoEs) and many more professionals in project management and system engineering from our industries, can support the innovation process of the inclusion of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block chain, Robotic Process Automation, BIM, Digital Twin, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity, Cloud Architectures, Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, in the value chain of the space infrastructures for all the space domains (earth observation, navigation, SATCOM, access to space, space traffic management, space exploration).

    The digital solutions including AI and industry 4.0 means offered by BIP to the Space Community are strongly oriented to:

    • Smart Design Concept
    • Smart Training
    • Digital Operations

    and are allowing to attain rapid development, production and assembly integration and testing (AIT) processes in space products life cycle.

    Bip provides a complete offer spanning from strategy to project management, from engineering support to digital solutions implementation, from opportunity review to full tender management and from product life cycle innovation to downstream solution development.

    To sum up, BIP clearly recognizes the space sector as an engine for the development of a «new economy».

    We are in the position to provide a valuable support to industrial actors and European Institutions leveraging on cutting-edge expertise and competencies.

    Continuous investments in know how acquisition in space disciplines allow us to provide innovative consultancy services based on digital solutions.

    Our Missions & Programmes

    • Galileo First Generation and Second Generation Programmes • EUSPA Fundamental Elements (GIANO Project, GAMMA Project) • Horizon 2020 (SARA Project, Ampere Project) • Technical Assistance to the SESAR Deployment Alliance (SDA) AISBL • ESA (MERMAID Project) - Big Data Applications to boost preparedness and response to migration