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Cistelaier S.p.A. is a Printed Circuit Boards manufacturing company belonging to the Finmasi Group PCB Division, consisting of Cistelaier S.p.A. in Italy, Techci Rhône-Alpes in France and EPN Electroprint GmbH in Germany.

The task of the PCB Division is to enhance the specific competences of the three factories in order to offer customers excellent results thanks to their synergies in terms of technology, production and service.

The solution provider’s vocation coupled with the long-standing skills of Cistelaier, Techci and EPN to support their partner since the early stage of a new project with codesign activities make Finmasi Group’s PCB Division an ideal partner for supplying printed circuits boars of any typology and for any application.

Cistelaier S.p.A., established in 1998 merging the two industrial entities, Cistel S.r.l., established in Genoa in 1976 and Laier S.r.l., established in Modena in 1986, manufactures prototypes, small, medium and large series of a very wide range of printed circuit boards (up to 40 layers): double-sided, multilayer, rigid-flex, HDI (multilayer as well as flex-rigid) PCBs and boards realised with special materials.

Cistelaier S.p.A’s mission is to become the main benchmark in Europe for companies seeking service, quality and know-how to make the PCB a strategic instrument for their business. With more than 40 years’ experience, Cistelaier S.p.A. manufactured thousands of PCBs for businesses active in the Aerospace & Defence, Space, Rail, Automotive and Medical sectors. In order to continue to develop competences and know-how to meet all different and increasing market demands, Cistelaier S.p.A. is constantly investing in machineries, methods and research.


What makes Cistelaier S.p.A. a unique interlocutor is to be homologated for:

  • Aerospace & Defence sector: UNI EN 9100:2016
  • Automotive sector: IATF:2016
  • Medical devices: ISO 13485
  • Railway sector: ISO/TS 22163.

Products are manufactured according to the following standards and specific control plans are agreed with customers when needed:

  • IPC-A-600, class 2, 3 or class 3DS(A)
  • IPC 6012 (Rigid), IPC 6013 (Rigid-Flex),
  • IPC 6016 (HDI) and IPC 6018 (Microwave)
  • MIL-P-55110 (Rigid) and MIL-P-50884 (Rigid-Flex)
  • ESA-ECSS - Q ST 70 10C / 11C / 12C
  • ESA-ECSS - Q ST 70 60C

Via Gandhi, 1, 41122 Modena MO

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    Cistelaier’s processes have been designed in order to be fast and reliable from feasibility analysis to shipment of the finished printed circuit boards.

    Cistelaier S.p.A. designed its factory and implemented the necessary organization in order to be able to deliver quick turnaround (QTA) service: this enable Cistelaier’s customers to get prototypes with short lead time so to improve their time to market and their business performance. Cistelaier’s Manufacturing System is managed according to Lean principles and this increase its capabilities to deliver quality and service to customers.

    All information related to products coming from customers are systematically verified (Key Point Analysis) in order to identify any risk factors (Risk Analysis) with the use of DFM and FMEA type evaluation techniques.

    Its valuable heritage in “all” market sectors enables Cistelaier S.p.A. to support customers since the early stage of their projects in order to implement the best practices for PCB design to increase effectiveness of the PCBs in each and every specific application.


    Thanks to its know-how and accreditations, to its absolutely reliable products and to its extremely flexible service Cistelaier has been able to become a technological partner of customers performing in the following sectors:

    • Avionics
    • Aerospace & Defense
    • Space
    • Electronics for the Railway sector
    • Telecommunications
    • Vision technology systems
    • Automotive
    • Motorsport
    • Infotainment
    • Medical
    • Industrial Automation
    • Renewable energy sources
    • University and R&D

    Up today more than 50% of the turnover of Cistelaier S.p.A. is related to Aerospace & Defense applications.


    Cistelaier S.p.A. constantly invests in machineries and equipments at the state of the art of technology and suitable for QTA management and flexibility to produce for the whole of the market sectors/applications where different and specific materials are needed.

    Cistelaier S.p.A. validated its processes to produce with more than 100 different base materials.

    Cistelaier S.p.A. is also partner of several of its suppliers for machineries, equipment, material and chemistry for R&D projects to develop new solutions for the PCB industry.

    Technological capabilities are also assured by Cistelaier’s highly skilled people in PCB industrialization, in PCB manufacturing and in Production and Quality methods.


    Cistelaier S.p.A. produces all kind of PCBs

    PCB families: rigid (up to 40 layers) and rigid flex (up to 12 flex layers) PCBs / rigid HDI and rigid flex HDI PCBs

    Materials: standard and high performance materials (i.e. Hi Tg, Alogen Free, Hi speed, epoxy and polyimidic resin materials, copper/invar/copper, Hi frequency materials Teflon and not Teflon based, thick copper materials) / mixed materials

    Power Management: busbars , heavy copper , copper inlay, different thickness on same layer and selective plating;

    Heat Management: heat dissipator, paste dissipator application, metal back PCB, copper coin technology

    Size: up to 860 mm length and 470 mm width

    Thickness: up to 5.5 mm

    Fine line/space: down to 75 m Finishes: Tin-Lead reflow; HASL with and without Lead;

    Enig (Al bondable); Chemical Tin & Chemical Ag; ENIPIG (Au bondable); Galvanic hard and soft gold


    Even if it is producing PCBs for Space applications since more than 10 years, Cistelaier S.p.A. is more and more focusing in Space sector since year 2013.

    In the last 5 years Cistelaier manufactured according to ECSS more than 50 part numbers and tested all PCBs manufactured for “fly purpose” through ECSS Group 6 qualification process.

    Cistelaier S.p.A. manufactured for Space sector PCBs with the following features

    Multilayers PCBs up to 18 layers

    Epoxy & Polyimide resin base material, glass or para-aramidic fiber support

    Standard ML , Sequential Lamination and HDI build up

    Laser drilled and copper filled vias

    Mechanically drilled Filled & Capped vias

    Minimum vias of 0.15 mm

    Thickness up to 2.80 mm

    Aspect ratio up to 9.3:1

    Tin-Lead Reflow finishing

    Selective Electolytic Nickel/Gold

    Test results showed high reliability of the PCBs manufactured by Cistelaier S.p.A.