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We are a multi purpose hub able to meet the demand for qualified and customized services, creating value through smart preocesses for product and process innovation and through accelerated time to market. We make avalilable to our stakeholders: over 400 square meters of technical and productive space; high computing capacity; many years of multidisciplinary experience, in design and calculation. It is also able to actually realize the demonstrator and/or the prototype, up to (the supply of) the industrialized product. It entirely realises special machines for tests, stations for the automation and the robotics of the process.


Via Dell’Artigianato, 53/55 Livorno LI

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      Via Dell’Artigianato, 53/55 Livorno LI

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      Giuseppe Sgrò; Presidente Maurizio Buratti

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      +39 0587422497

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    Starting from customers necessities and requirements (including ECSS), Compolab technicians are able to design and follow the definition and the development stages of experimental tests, example HALT (Highly accelerated life testing), Robotics test; in different contest of R&D industrial.

    We perform FEM calculations and simulations, both structural and thermal, relying on a wide professional expertise and using the most advanced computational tools and taylor made. Process simulation, including Stir Welding, and Additive Manufacturing.

    Design and costruction prototypes, product demonstrators, test systems and equipment for benchmark activities are here studied and realized. Here at Compolab we are able to develop complete software solutions, based on commercial languages, for specific purpose (embedded) and general purpose devices. Design, construction and testing developing UAV control electronic boards.

    Our CAD designers are highly skilled and focused on client’s needs; moreover we own equipments and devices for the scanning, the measurement and the reverse engineering of mechanical components. Closing the circle the digital production in metal and polimers.

    Other product/services:

    1. Data correlation
    2. Quality
    3. Support to company management
    5. Courses and training
    6. Production start up
    7. Business management
    8. Design and calculation CFD
    9. Calculation and verification of 3D tolerances
    10. Industrial automatetion
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