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Crisel is a leading company in the design, configuration, and supply of high-tech instrumentation for the Space and Aerospace sectors. The company mission is to offer the most advanced technology for the acquisition, transmission and analysis of data from air to ground and from ground to air.  Crisel has been present for years in numerous programs of national interest, supplying the Telemetry, Data Link, Safety units, and Ground Station systems for programs such as VEGA, VEGA C, EXOMARS, IRIDIUM, and COPERNICUS.  Crisel has a twenty year experience in motion simulation tables, Automatic Test Equipment and enabling technologies for space vectors and satellites as well as passive systems for satellite data acquisition for signal monitoring and geolocation purposes. Thanks to its knowhow and international representatives, CRISEL is able to select the product or system best suited to the design or production requirements. Crisel offers Scientific Technical Consultancy, Systems Design, Testing, Qualification, Distribution, Production, Sales and Maintenance, and training of personnel for Space and Aerospace applications.

CRISEL is involved in research and development activities in the aerospace sector and with the latest TOPPP project has developed, in collaboration with the Physics Department of the Sapienza University, a redundant bidirectional point-to-point optical communication system, with very high data rates. The project has been extended for further two years.

Crisel, is a member of AFCEA and ASAS and has been collaborating with numerous Italian companies for programs of national importance.


Clivo Di Cinna n196, 00136 Rome, Italy

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    ·         TT&C Baseband Product

    ·         Ground Station from 2.4 to 11 m

    ·         Earth Observation and Deep Space Ground Station

    ·         Cortex HDR (High Data Rate),

    CRT (Command Range and Telemetry),

    RSR (Radio Signal Recorder), DS (Deep Space),

    ·         X BAND CONVERTERS

    ·         SSPA S Band Status

    ·         S Band Converter

    ·         Converter Deep Space

    ·         Geolocation System

    ·         Direction Finder Antennas

    ·         Motion System Platform



    ·         Data acquisition units (DAU)

    ·         DAU Wireless

    ·         Receivers

    ·         Neutralization systems

    ·         Transmitter

    ·         Transponder

    ·         IFF

    ·         GPS/ GNSS

    ·         Satellite Conformal Antennas and Spacecraft

    ·         IMU e Gyro



    ·         Satellite Ground station single and multifeed (L, S, C, X Band)

    ·         Telemetry Receiver multi band (P, L, S, C, X)

    ·         SW and Data Decommutation Stations Multi Source

    ·         ATE

    ·         Post Analysis SW


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