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DAVI, manufacturer of the most sold Plate and Angle Rolls worldwide, produces Plate Rolls to roll up to a thickness of 400mm as well as Angle Rolls for beams up to a height of 1250mm and pipes up to 1000mm. All the products are completely made in Italy. The DAVI customer care follows the customer from installation and training up to online support, with the most experienced technicians in the sector.


Via Civinelli, 1150 Cesena FC 47522

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      Via Civinelli, 1150 Cesena FC 47522

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      Orazio Davi, CEO & President

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      +39 0547319611

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    United States, Dallas; China, Shanghai

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    DAVI Plate Rolls are able to roll every kind of components used in the space industry: whatever the material, the dimension and the bending radius requested, DAVI range presents an optimal alternative to offer to the customer. Whether we are talking about building parts of capsules, nacelles or boosters, in different materials (any type of steel, aluminum, titanium or other alloys), DAVI can supply the ideal solution, through both standard machines and products deeply customized, that are granted by a Research & Development Division that is in constant growth and evolution.

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