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DTM is active since 1994 in the design, development and testing of aerospace structures, testing equipments and GSE (mechanical, fluidic, thermal ground support equipments) for satellites, launchers and experiments for manned or unmanned missions.

Design tools include 3D CAD drafting and modelling software, structural, thermal and fluidic analysis as well as fracture control analysis software.

DTM facilities include grey areas for integration of small equipments, ISO6 clean room (ISO5 ready), tools and test equipments for manufacturing and testing of composite parts (autoclave), three thermal vacuum chambers with temperature ranges from cryogenic up to 200°C and above, static and fatigue test jigs, shaker and many acquisition systems.

DTM head office and laboratory is located in Modena (1100 m2). A second laboratory / integration area is located in Bastiglia (Modena) and provides 500 m2 area (including an ISO 8 clean room) for integration and testing of large equipments like mechanical ground support equipments and other large structures and testing facilities (20 tons crane).

DTM quality management system is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN 9100:2018. Main customers in the space field are ESA, ASI, Thales Alenia Space, Airbus,  OHB and Leonardo. DTM is also involved in activities in industrial fields like marine, automotive and biomedical sectors.


Via Tacito, 65 Modena MO 41123

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    Mechanical Design and analysis

    DTM can develop full turn-key projects taking care for all design (drafting), structural and thermal verification activities or can work on specific design activities thanks to his 3D CAD, FEM and CFD software tools.

    Engineering and testing service

    DTM offers engineering and testing services including the design of the full experimental (mechanical, electronic, fluidic)  and acquisition equipments. Developments are mainly based on National Instruments acquisition systems and Labview for the software. DTM is a qualified laboratory of Emilia Romagna High Technology Network.

    Test facilities for launchers and satellite sub-systems qualification

    DTM designs and develops custom test jigs to qualify flight structures like the Tank Support Structure of Sentinel 1 (Thales Alenia Space Rome), Vega Interstage 2/3 and composite outer structures of sub-orbital launchers (Swedish Space Corporation)

    Satellite and launcher structures

    DTM is qualified for the realization of composite or metallic sandwich panels like the Exomars sandwich panels developed for Thales Alenia Space Rome and Prisma primary and secondary structures for OHB and instrument structures for Leonardo (ASI Program). For Thales Alenia Space DTM realized the composite thrust structure of the IXV space vehicle.

    Space products

    DTM designs and develops heat exchangers  for ISS and space vehicles like  the heat exchangers for the Orion Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle (prime Thales Alenia Space). DTM also develops custom flight components for challenging application like the filling valve developed for Exomars Ultra Clean Zone Analytical Laboratory Drawer.

    Mechanical Ground Support Equipments

    DTM designs and develops mechanical ground support equipments (M-GSE) for instruments and satellites handling, integration, purging and transportation. For Airbus Defence and Space DTM developed the mechanical GSE for the Sentinel 5 instrument: integration stand, trolley, handling adapters, protection covers, purging unit, hoisting devices and transportation container.

    Fluidic Ground Support Equipments

    DTM designs and develops fluidic GSE to support flight hardware operations and tests. We are capable to design extra high purity GSE requiring biological, molecular and particle contamination control like the F-GSE built for the Exomars ultra high purity GSE of the Analytical Laboratory drawer developed by Thales  Alenia Space Turin.

    DTM also designs and develops custom Thermal vacuum chambers like the one built to qualify ISA spring accelerometer for Bepi Colombo mission (Thales Alenia Space Milano) and fluidic GSE for satellite instrument purging.

    Composite components  design and qualification

    DTM has a strong know-how in designing, developing and testing composite structures for space and non space sectors. Also thanks to facilities available in our laboratory like autoclave and NDI equipments, we can design and realize custom products meeting challenging requirements including all the materials and process qualification tests.

    Our Missions & Programmes

    Prisma satellite (primary secondary and instrument structures) , Copernicus (Sentinel 1 structures - Sentinel 5 MGSE-FGSE), Exomars (flight fluidic equipments and custom components, extra high purity fluidic ground support equipments), Orion service module (Heat exchangers), International Space Station (Vipgran-ISS - EML)