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EICAS AUTOMAZIONE  is a small-size high-tech company established in 1984 by a group of professors of Politecnico di Torino and industrial researchers with the aim to set up a company excelling in the complex system management and control area.

The core of EICAS scientific background concerns dynamic system modeling, simulation and control, signals and images elaboration, data fusion techniques, FDIR and dependability.

EICAS has mainly worked on advanced, long term innovation projects for and/or in cooperation with industrial companies, research institutes and Universities, having  a strong reputation as a partner and coordinator of EU R&D projects.

Main activity areas include Space, Automotive and Industrial Automation.


Competences: EICAS has a long heritage in the field of attitude determination from star measurement. Starting from the experience gained in the HIPPARCOS Mission, many Autonomous Attitude Determination Systems (AADS) have been designed and validated under ESA/ASI contracts and for large players, moving from mono-head to multi-head and multicamera configuration, from CCD to CMOS technology. In the most recent years the company has finalized a new concept of multicamera system - named ARGO - powerful and low cost, based on sophisticated in-flight auto-calibration techniques both of the camera model and of the cameras relative attitude.

Innovative Products:

ARGO for Space:  Highly accurate, flexible, robust and scalable multicamera system for spacecraft autonomous attitude determination, specifically conceived for SmallSats
The first proprietary star tracker - ARGO 1.0 - was co-funded by the H2020 SME-INSTRUMENT Programme and is currently being validated in-orbit at TRL9, onboard ION-SCV2 by D-ORBIT.
A second star tracker - ARGO 2.0 - is under development co-funded by ESA ARTES C&G, expected to achieve flight heritage by the end of 2022.


Via Vincenzo Vela, n.27 Torino TO 10128

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      Via Vincenzo Vela, n.27 Torino TO 10128

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    EICAS owns a significant portfolio of innovative products and key enabling technologies:

    Highly accurate, flexible, robust and scalable multicamera system for spacecraft autonomous attitude determination through low cost cameras. The ARGO Star Trackers are tailored for the emerging market of SmallSats where the trade-off performance/ cost/size is fundamental for spacecraft manufacturers.

    The first version, ARGO 1.0, is currently being tested at TRL 9 in a IOD co-funded by H2020 EIC SME Instrument Programme. A second version targeting constellations market, ARGO 2.0, is currently under development.

    Application domain: Space.

    The professional software suite for automatic control design and forecasting, able to support the automation of industrial processes through powerful tools for modelling plants, designing and testing embedded control system architectures.

    Application domain: Space, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Machine Tools, Economics.

    EICASLAB Rapid Control Prototyping multi-core PC platform. Based on EICASLAB™ technology, it represents a turn-key solution for quick, smart and easy validation in field of even complex control architectures. Application domain: Space, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Machine Tools

    Plug & play, low cost and highly accurate optical multicamera measuring system for contact-less measurement of the pose of moving rigid objects, applicable in many context of Industry 4.0 for the development of intelligent robotic cells. Application domain: Industrial Automation, Aeronautics.

    Multisensory precise localisation system for safer and autonomous vehicles, applicable in automotive sector (active safety, autonomous vehicles), industrial automation (automated guided vehicles), in aerospace (unmanned aerial vehicles, AUTOTAXI functionality on the airport surface). Application domain: Automotive, AGV, UAV.

    EICAS offers the following consultancy services: •

    • Automatic control design: innovative and customized solutions for industrial automation, automotive and space
    • Control algorithms, real-time software development, rapid control prototyping and FDIR techniques
    • Transfer of know-how: Training courses on EICAS control design methodology and EICASLAB technology
    Our Missions & Programmes

    ARGO Project (European Commission GA738589), ARGO 2.0 for Constellations (ESA Contract No. 4000130361/20/NL/MM/ra), ASTRA Assemblaggio e calibrazione di sensori stellari per piccoli satelliti (Programma Operativo Regionale F.E.S.R. 2014/2020 – Asse I – Azione I.1b.1.2 – Bando PRISM-E), ASSORT Algoritmi per Sensori ottici per la SORveglianza in Tempo reale dell’ambiente spaziale (Programma Operativo Regionale F.E.S.R. 2014/2020 - Bando PASS)