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Elettronica (ELT), since 1951 has been one of the European leaders in the world of electronic defense (EW). The company provides EW and SIGINT solutions and systems, interception capacity during law enforcement operations, surveillance of risk areas, platform self-protection in hostile scenarios, monitoring of the electromagnetic scenario, Cyber ElectroMagnetic Activity and develops its peculiar EW capabilities in five domains: Earth, Air, Sea, Cyber and Space.


Via Tiburtina Km 13,700 Roma 131

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      Via Tiburtina Km 13,700 Roma 131

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      Antonio Tafuto - R&I Responsible

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    Elettronica has extensive experience in controlling the entire electromagnetic spectrum, advanced radio frequency signal processing, designing antennas and microwave components and developing software applications for command and control centres.

    Distinctive capabilities:

    • Electronic Attack & Self Protection, for radar signal interception, processing and contrast using state-of-the-art technology (DRFM, digital receiver, very wide band solid state transceiver modules, AESA broadband antennas, high power transmitters).
    • IR-based ECM System, for the protection of avionics platforms against threats MANPad with solid state laser sources. Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, for the detection, classification, identification and contrast of a wide variety of threats in both the radar and communications domain.
    • Cyber defence for the protection of wireless networks and nodes from cyber attacks through innovative systems based on cognitive techniques.