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FadeOut Software is a privately held SME focused on software engineering, with a strong engagement in the analysis and optimization of software development methods and techniques; it is organized as a core team of experts with a solid engineering and mathematical background, supported by a team of software developers of proved experience. The company operates across many sectors by applying a common methodological approach to different contexts.

During its more than 20 years of activity it has been involved in successful projects ranging from embedded software to complex distributed solution and has been working in public founded and research projects; it is currently partnering with international institutions carrying on research activities on software engineering processes and methods, and on the design and implementation of software solutions based on new technologies. Results of the research activities are transferred to the market, where the company collaborates with teams from fortune 500 companies.

FadeOut Software has been active in the Earth Observation sector since the beginning of 2010 with the ASI Opera Project to support Italian Civil Protection with images acquired from CKS. A long-lasting relationship with ASI has been maintained in these years with the projects NFS and MIDA. FadeOut Software designed and developed with Acrotec Foundation the ESA GSTP WASDI Project, used as Virtual Platform of the ESA eDRIFT Project.


Via Di Sottoripa 1a, 16124 Genoa Genoa, Italy

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      Via Di Sottoripa 1a, 16124 Genoa Genoa, Italy

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      Cristiano Nattero

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      +39 010 2510187

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