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G & A Engineering S.r.l. is a small company operating for over 45 years in defense and aerospace sectors, located in a modern plant in Oricola (AQ) structured to meet the needs arising from research, design, engineering, experimentation, prototyping and series construction, that the company carries out in military, space, industrial sectors.

The company has the following certifications: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, SA 8000:2015, Innovative SME, Private Research Center for Microelectronics for Space Application, Private Research Laboratory.

The company has several workshops with tools, machines and equipment of the latest generation that, together with the company know-how and qualified and multidisciplinary staff, have allowed to consolidate high-level technologies and processes that allow to operate in very challenging sectors and that make it independent in passing from an idea to a finished product. Over the years the company has consolidated a structure able to guarantee the sale of services and products at all stages of their “Life Cycle”, carrying out research, design, engineering, industrialization, manufacturing and logistics activities, integrated with the continuous application of all the standards typical of space, military and industrial sectors.

Unique and peculiar characteristic of the Company is the ability to design and build “Special Equipment”, custom designed devices built with criteria that make a prototype comparable, for finishes and construction features, with an industrialized product; these special equipment typically include electronic, microelectronic and electrical technologies as well as mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, vacuum, etc ...; beyond that, the company is known on the market for its ability to cooperate with the world of research and the ability to make experimental systems indistinguishable from industrial systems.



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    The company competence are all those necessary for analog and digital electronic and microelectronic, mechanic and micromechanics, electro-mechanic, vacuum , hydraulic, pneumatic, else that software & firmware.

    In the space sector, the company participated in the two largest physics experiments ever carried out: AMS-02 and GLAST/Fermi, building the silicon heart of the experiments, under NASA control. We made more than 1 million wire bonds without failure.

    With the co-financing the Ministry of Manufacturing Activities we developed an entire micro-satellite (GEASAT) using state-of-the-art technologies and developing all the subsystems. The characteristics of such this satellite is that all subsystems are positioned on the satellite’s side wall, leaving the entire bus available for payload.

    Else this microsatellite we have developed and manufactured also some cubesat 1U and 3U, for universities and research activities.

    The company participated with its own experiments in two space missions aboard the ISS, Eneide Mission with the EST experiment and DaMa Mission with the APE experiment, as well as having engineered and built other experiments for flight and ground space.

    We successfully had direct contracts with the Italian Space Agency and with the European Space Agency, else that with national research institutes.

    The company proposes itself in the space market with the following products and services:

    • Development and construction of special equipment for space experiments
    • Providing custom components for mini and micro satellite buses
    • Providing cubesat satellites and standard cubesat parts
    • Development and construction of battery packs for satellites and launchers
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