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Since1977 GEM elettronica has been on the cutting edge of R&D, design and manufacturing of electronic systems dedicated to the naval, air and land defence & security, costal surveillance and civil market.

As a leading industry in its sector, GEM elettronica has developed an extensive portfolio of products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security which features state-of-the-art technologies and innovative designs.

Thanks to its groundbreaking technical approaches and high product reliability, GEM elettronica has become the supplier of choice for several international navies, coast guards, air force, commercial operators and large system integrators.

The core business is focused on the construction of radar and inertial navigation systems with particular attention to space and maritime applications.

One of the strengths concerns the creation of custom systems for civil and military applications.

GEM elettronica is based in the Marche Region with the Headquarter and R&D facility, its Far-Field test range and its modern production plant.

GEM elettronica is also recognized as a Scientific and Technological Research Center and possess :

·        ISO9001:2015 Company Quality Assurance System

·        ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

·        CMMI®3 in progress Appraisal Methodology for Process Improvement

·        MIUR Scientific and Technological Research

·        RINA Certified Management System

·        Wheelmark

·        CE

·        DNV-GL

·        Nemko

·        IALA



Via Amerigo Vespucci 9, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto Ascoli Piceno, Italy

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      Via Amerigo Vespucci 9, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto Ascoli Piceno, Italy

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      Andrea Merlini

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    GEM elettronica combining years of experience in advanced sensor technology, system integration and software design providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for onboard Command & Control, maritime and harbour security, coastal surveillance and border control. Product line provides a wide range of full solid state 3D radar, navigation radar systems with Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) capability, field radar, Tactical Table, a series of Command and Control Consoles, W-ECDIS, Electro-Optic & Fire Control Systems, Integrated Bridge Systems, Inertial Systems based on Fiber Optic gyroscopes and relevant ancillaries.


    The strap-down inertial navigation system based on state-of-the-art Fiber Optic gyroscopes technology offers a highly reliable solution for: Air and Space, Sea and Under Sea, Land and Underground applications.

    GEM elettronica is focusing its research on atomic interferometry, commonly known as “ultra-cold atom”, with the objective of obtaining from its sensors accuracies and performances.

    GEM elettronica offers high-precision guidance, navigation and positioning systems technology.

    We offer inertial sensors that can be used in avionics and spacecraft applications for navigation and flight control. They utilize closed loop sensor Fiber Optic technology to produce data output (attitude, heading, speed, pitch, roll, yaw…) with great precision and accuracy, including mission control and flight control systems.

    They feature short start-up, very low drift, high stabilization and high shock survivability.

    These products can be integrated into complex systems like command and control systems. Our Company provides its customers with solutions tailored to their needs and these capabilities are offered and supported worldwide.

    GEM elettronica’s Fiber Optic gyroscopes production facility is certified to EASA Part 21G.


    GEM elettronica thanks to its 40+ years of experience can provide a wide range of full solid-state navigation radar systems with Low Probability Intercept (LPI) capabilities.

    We offer full solid-state 3D and 2D radars, mono or dual band, in different frequency spectrums, for navigation, air & surface target detection, search & discovery, coastal surveillance, VTS/VTMIS applications, homeland & border security, environmental control (Oil Spill), critical infrastructure & anti-intrusion protection.

    Our 3D radar is a compact and advanced, short-medium range, Air & Surface multifunction, proposed primarily for Naval Platforms and Land-based operations demanding high detection performances, high reliability and availability.

    It is specifically designed for search and tracking of very small and fast targets flying at both high/low altitudes and/or on the sea surface (UAV).

    GEM elettronica provides advanced radar antennas series of different length and performance, offering a solution to every possible scenario. Our production of radar antennas is the answer to the most demanding requirements of high performances of radar detection of air & surface targets and are designed for vessel traffic management (IALAV-128recommendation), coastal and harbour surveillance and airport security traffic movement.


    GEM elettronica Electro-Optical Surveillance Systems (EOSS), designed for shore and on-board applications such as SAR (Search-and-Rescue) and day/night Optical Surveillance, allow passive target detection and identification.

    Our EOSS can be supplied in many configurations and are also suitable for long-range surveillance applications; continuous Nx360 azimuth rotation is achieved using a slip-ring.

    As homeland security systems are suitable for land, mobile and sea applications and provide real-time image processing, monitoring, detection and visualization of the targets also under bad weather conditions.

    They can be used in various applications such as border and coastal surveillance, infrastructure protection, maritime, transportation, fire detection, OEM solutions.

    GEM elettronica offer a Active Laser Imaging System (ALI), either as stand alone system or as integral part of a surveillance suite


    GEM elettronica provide complete logistic support services worldwide, including system installation, system acceptance testing and commissioning. To ensure effective operation of your onboard system, we can develop and deliver training programs, maintenance programs, warranty support services, after-warranty plans, and system and software upgrades.


    To meet your specific training requirements we offer both standard and tailor made courses that teach the use and maintenance of our products.

    Our courses are designed to give participants a deep understanding and detailed product knowledge with in each course curriculum. Courses may include both operational and technical training.

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