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Geocart is an engineering company that operates in the fields of Earth Observation, Environmental Monitoring, Engineering and Information and Communication Technology by providing technical expertise and highly innovative services. The core activity is the design, production and maintenance of geographical databases.

The company provides services related to the processing of satellite images and of geographic data acquired by means of terrestrial and aerial remote sensing with the use of traditional techniques and innovative instruments (GPS, laser scanner, photogrammetric cameras and sensors operating in different spectral bands). Moreover, Geocart designs and develops multi-sensor integrated platforms and carries out GIS and cartographic editing and offers a consolidated experience on differential SAR interferometry techniques. Regarding SAR analysis, the company has developed a software named “SLIDE” (acronym for SAR Land Interferometry Data Exploitation) that allows to measure, with very high precision, displacements of land, works and infrastructures, using the SAR data acquired by satellites.


Viale del Basento, 120 Potenza PZ 85100

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      Viale del Basento, 120 Potenza PZ 85100

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    Orthophotos and Oblique Photos, Digital Cartography, Satellite Data, Thermal Imaging, Hyperspectral Imaging, DTM, DSM, 3D Models, Software and App, Web GIS


    Infrastructures Inspection and Analysis, Aerial and terrestrial remote sensing, Satellite data processing, Topography, Cartography, Environmental Impact Studies, Environmental monitoring, Soil Use Classification, Characterization of forests, Corridor mapping, Urban and territorial planning, System integration, Web GIS, Software and App.


    Urban and Terrain Mapping, Coastal and Protected Area Characterization, Environmental Assessment, Land Degradation Risk Management, Natural and Antropic Risk Management, Water Bodies Monitoring, City modeling, Civil Design, Analysis of structures displacement, Precision farming, Analysis of the Vegetation, ICT Solutions


    Laser Scanner, Hyperspectral Sensors, Digital Cameras, Thermal Cameras, Gps And Topographic Tools, Multi-Sensor Integrated Platforms, Own Software