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Gter s.r.l. Innovazione in Geomatica, Gnss e Gis (Gter) is a SME that offers products and services based on innovative solutions based upon GNSS positioning and GIS and WebGIS fully Open Source. The activity also includes technical support for all products, both onsite and remotely.

In GNSS area is concentrated most of the R&D activity of the company. Gter projects and develops algorithm for precise positioning in harsh environment, also with mass market receivers.

In GIS area Gter develops custom made Spatial Data Infrastructure mainly for public bodies.

Gter offers practical and theoretical training courses in GIS, GNSS, EO areas.

Finally Gter is cofounder of LIDAR ITALIA, a consortium that is Italian partner of GreenValleyInternational, a company leader in the field of LIDAR from UAV products


Via Jacopo Ruffini 9, 16128 Genoa Metropolitan CityGenoa, Italy

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      Via Jacopo Ruffini 9, 16128 Genoa Metropolitan CityGenoa, Italy

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      Tiziano Cosso

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    Via Cristiano di Magonza, Frascati, Rome

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    GREP: patent pending algorithm for multipath mitigation in GNSS observables. In this field Gter has skills and project to create new devices, based on GNSS and IMU sensors, for robust positioning. The fields of application are very heterogeneous: wearable devices, tracking system for safety, precision agriculture and so on.

    GISHOSTING: Geographical hosting service, based upon QGISServer.

    LIDAR: HW and SW for LIDAR survey from UAV, generation of DTM, DSM and 3D models of urban and natural environment

    E-learning platform for custom made courses on QGIS, RTKLIB, GeoDB

    Design and development service for Spatial Data Infrastructure, web based, for management of EO data, digital cartography, data coming from sensors both in real time and in post processing.


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    GALILEO; Copernicus;