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Guizzo Space is a company working in the space related activities from 2018, founded by Dr. Gian Paolo Guizzo which brought his 25 years of experience in the field together a network of highly experienced international partners.

We provide space qualified electronic boards and units for nano and microsatellites, with professionalism and competence thanks to the profound experience of our human resources highly skilled in space technologies. The products provided are conceived to meet the needs of high reliability applications where failure is not an option, and at the same time working with a view to containing costs.


Via Pomponio Amalteo 66, 33078 San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy

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      Via Pomponio Amalteo 66, 33078 San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy

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      Gian Paolo Guizzo - CEO

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      +39 0434 81376

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    Our flight products are conceived for nano, micro and small satellites with application in the field of optical telecomunication, scientific payloads and robotics.

    An example of our products portfolio is:

    -Laser driver boards

    -Highly performant FPGA boards based on Xilinx and Microsemi devices

    -Microcontroller boards based on CPU Arm Cortex core

    -Piezoelectric actuators driver boards

    -Power boards

    -Application and basic SW for microcontrollers

    -FPGA IP cores

    -Stackable boards solutions

    We provide solutions from a single board solution to the full electronic equipment for payloads and spacecrafts.
    In addition the company provides services to Customers which require support on:

    - FMECA analysis

    -Worst Case Analysis

    -Reliability Analysis

    -Trade off analysis and system engineering assessment


    Our Missions & Programmes

    LaserCube; LISA