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i-EM is the intelligence in Energy Management.

Since 2012 our company has been developing energy management solutions for renewables projects. We provide public and private players with customized services in the following areas:

distributed generation from renewable sources
smart grid and energy storage systems
energy efficiency solutions
energy consumption control and optimization
electric vehicles and sustainable mobility.

Born as a business unit of Flyby S.r.l. company, i-EM is now a SME subsidiary of Flyby Group and combines multi-disciplinary expertise with passion for technology innovation and preservation of the Earth’s energy resources. i-EM exploits satellite data to bring the intelligence in the Energy Management, providing innovative solutions based on advanced analytics by satellite data awareness, created to optimize energy generation, storage, transmission, and use. Today i-EM works in the global market directly with many different corporate customers. Over the years it has established itself as a leader in the energy decision making.

i-EM makes the energy ecosystem more predictable and manageable, providing advanced big data analytics powered solutions for intelligent energy management of smart grid, enabling the optimization of energy decision making. Our products exploit a deep knowledge of satellite data, combined to data fusion and cutting-edge big data analytics technologies.

The main application sectors of i-EM’s solutions are: smart grid management, renewable plants monitoring (solar, wind, hydro), assets management, energy forecasting and e-Mobility.

The Company’s innovative flagship solutions are smart, simple, and fast, and help our customers to discover a new way to use and manage energy, all over the world.


57121, Livorno, Livorno, Italy

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      57121, Livorno, Livorno, Italy

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      Ciro Lanzetta, CTO

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    Building R104, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell Campus, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 0QX (UK)

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    The concept at the basis of i-EM is the use in-field of the IoT energy systems and the use of satellite assets to provide innovative solutions in the energy management services market sector.

    i-EM’s key technological and know-how proprietary assets include:

    ·       EO Satellite image processing for solar and wind resources assessment

    ·       AI and Machine learning

    ·       Weather and energy forecast models and data assimilation

    ·       Big data analytics for predictive and prescriptive models

    In the EO satellite domain, the i-EM approach is to fully use EO satellite resources for different time scale solutions.

    The i-EM specific know-how allows the customers to efficiently and constantly plan, design and manage their energy assets, using the following key services:

    ·       economic feasibility studies;

    ·       real-time monitoring, remote management, and diagnostic of distributed generation;

    ·       production forecasting and optimization of energy management;

    ·       energy consumption and storage optimization;

    ·       integration of renewable energy sources in mini and microgrids;

    ·       real-time power flows prediction and management optimization.

    i-EM works in the global market directly with many different corporate customers, providing services in more than 800 renewable plants (solar, hydro and wind) in 20 nations for approximately 5 GW of total installed power.

    The i-EM products could be divided in two main categories. The solution for the optimal management of renewable plants:

    ·       s-EM, h-EM, w-EM (solar, hydro, wind Ennergy Management solution). The main functionality are

    -   Smart monitoring

    -   Advanced diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

    -   Power forecast and nowcast

    -   Solar Sensor Check

    -   Drone Data Management

    -   Satellite-based plant construction monitoring

    The solutions for the optimal management of the impact of the renewables into the grid:

    ·       g-EM, m.-EM, eV-EM (grid, micro grid, electrical vehicle Energy Management solution). The main functionality are:

    -   Grid Infrastructure Services

    . g-EM.Vegetation

    . g-EM.Consumption

    -   Smart Grid Services

    . g-EM.e-Mobility

    . g-EM.SGM

    -   Precision siting

    -   Optimal sizing

    -   Energy management

    -   Smart services

    -   Charging Point Planner

    -   Smart routing (for eV)

    Our Missions & Programmes

    SP4GO 2019-2020 (ASI/ESA); MOWGLI 2018-2019 (ASI/ESA)