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IN QUATTRO,  a visionary Italian startup, creates game-changing thermal cooling systems for high-power-electronics. The innovative feature of this system is the use of flow boiling heat transfer for cooling electronic devices. The unique group of researchers has its roots in aerospace, and proven expertise in the multi-gravity environment of parabolic flights - fundamental for the development of their two-phase system, whose low flow rate greatly reduces energy consumption and improves efficiency compared to conventional methods.

In particular, the experiences in hyper- and micro-gravity conditions have been carried out on board the ZERO-G aircraft of Novespace and ESA (European Space Agency) during the parabolic flight campaigns.

IN QUATTRO was selected as an innovative start-up by the ESA - Business Incubator Center in the Technology Transfer Program of ESA and ASI (Italian Space Agency) in collaboration with Lazio Innova. The company is also a spin-off of ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development).


Via Giacomo Peroni, 442/444, 00131 Rome Rome, Italy

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      Via Giacomo Peroni, 442/444, 00131 Rome Rome, Italy

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      Luca Saraceno, co-founder

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      +39 3356525821

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    IN QUATTRO has developed an innovative Two-Phase advanced thermal management system for high-powered electronics.

    The evolution of electronic devices (CPUs, GPUs, servers, etc.) leads to miniaturization and power increase. The more power a device consumes, the more heat it generates, the higher temperatures it reaches, if not properly cooled. To maintain an optimal operating temperature, the heat must dissipate in a very efficient way. Recent advanced applications (AMD Threadripper 3990x, for example) generate such extremely high thermal densities (50 – 80 W/cm2) that current cooling technologies (heat pipes, liquid cooling, air cooling) are unable to cool efficiently. These new electronics products require new and more efficient cooling solutions to operate with optimal temperatures.

    The innovative new system features the use of flow boiling heat transfer to cool electronic devices, and compared to traditional cooling systems (liquid cooling or heat pipes), it can achieve significantly higher heat transfer coefficients at significantly lower flow rates and pumping power, reducing energy consumption.

    Fields of application of the new thermal management system:

    ·      next-generation satellite

    ·      high-performance PCs

    ·      servers and data centers

    ·      power electronics, like inverter of electric cars and batteries

    ·      industrial applications

    Our Missions & Programmes

    Project "BARIDI SANA - High Performance Micro 2-Phase Cooling System for Space Applications", Selected Experiment Projects to be executed on board the CSS for the 1st Cycle, United Nations/China Cooperation on the Utilization of the China Space Station (CSS)