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Information Technologies Services Srl (ITS) was established on 1st September 1999 by managers and entrepreneurs deriving their complementary experiences from a prolonged activity in the main aerospace Italian industries and from the mastery of the financial instruments necessary for the "start-up" of firms focusing in the high technological sectors.

Mission of ITS is to operate in the High Band of the Information Technology field and relevant Electronic Technologies.

The development of ITS, in terms of manpower and turn over, will be based through a mix of internal and external capabilities already present in the Italian and European SME, through a policy of stable partnership.

In this sense a particular attention will be devoted to the relationship between Research and Final Users, carrying out the industrial link for a fast transformation of basic technologies into hi-tech usable products.

ITS main fields of action

In terms of Vertical sectors the action of ITS is addressed mainly to:

  • Defence
  • Space
  • Commerce, deriving competences and technologies from the first two fields

In terms of Horizontal capabilities, ITS will develop the following main ones:

  • Data processing of digital images coming from several typologies of sensor (multispectral and hyperspectral electro-optics, radar, etc.) also implementing techniques of data fusion
  • System Integration extending the concept of distributed information architectures (LAN and Web) also to Complex and Robust systems (C4I2) using last available wireless links technologies ((Ku, Ka, 5G)
  • Simulation and Modeling also of Complex Scenarios (Digital Battlefield)
  • Technologies and Systems based on satellite navigation (GPS and Galileo)
  • High End Computing also for on-board and distributed systems
  • TLC Satellite Space architectures
  • TLC Satellite Ground Architecture

Via Monte Santo, n. 2 Roma RM 00195

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      Via Monte Santo, n. 2 Roma RM 00195

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      Silvio Ciaccia - Presidente CEI

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      +39 063215001

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    ITS main capabilities are relevant to the following technological field:

    • On Board Supercomputing for Space and UAV applications
    • Anti-Spoofing Simulation and Apparatus Development
    • UAV jamming Apparatus
    • Ground Segment TLC architectures
    • On Board Payload for Micro and Nano Satellites
    • On Board Antennas for Aircrafts
    • Satellites Antennas
    • Multibeam Stearing Antennas
    Our Missions & Programmes

    ITS main in the Space and UAV Sector are the following, marking in red what specific relevant to the present bid: ASIA - Development of a Satellite On Board Supercomputer Computer and relevant Parallel Software applications under Italian Space Agency Contract; ASIA Human Flight - Development of Prognostic Algorithms for Astronauts Long Flight (Mars) Health Care under Italian Space Agency Contract; GPU Supercomputer - Development of an UAV On Board Supercomputer based on GPU technology under Italian Minister of Defence contract; TESEI - Prototype of an Anti-Spoofing antenna under Italian Space Agency contract; FARD-1 - Development of a Phase B study for a Small GEO TLC Satellite under Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contract; Arabsat 5C Ground Segment Consultancy - Activity conducted under Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contract; HAWK - Design of Hunter Airborne Warfare Killer under Italian MoD contract; ARDENT - hybrid active Ka antenna for UAV and ground application under development of the Lazio Region contract; QVHD - High Power Q/V band Diplexer for Ground Station (Artes AT ESA ITT AO/1-8707/16/NL/NR); RKAD - Small Receive only Ka Band Antenna and Demodulator for smaller satellites (Artes AT ESA ITT AO/1-8602/15/UK/ND.