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INNOVA Consorzio per l’Informatica e la Telematica Srl is an Italian SME founded in 1989 by three successful local ICT companies. INNOVA is geared mainly towards the space sector, and more specifically towards the Earth Observation sector. The main remote sensing technology on which the company operates is the processing of satellite images acquired with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) used in various civil and military related applications, primarily for monitoring and control of the territory.

Over the last few years the company has also invested in the infomobility sector, focusing on systems that use GPS satellite navigation and of course, ESA’s future GALILEO.

We count today with 17 highly qualified professionals and over 15 years as partner of Leonardo (ex Finmeccanica) within the COSMO-SkyMed programme.


Recinto II Fiorentini, 12/21 Matera MT 75100

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      Recinto II Fiorentini, 12/21 Matera MT 75100

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      Andrea Di Pasquale - CEO

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    INNOVA has had and continues to have a major role in the COSMO-SkyMed programme, the largest Italian investment in Space Systems for Earth Observation, commissioned and funded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the Italian Ministry of Defence (MoD) and conceived as a Dual-Use (Civilian and Defence) end-to-end Earth Observation System aimed to establish a global service supplying provision of data, products and services compliant with well-established international standards and relevant to a wide range of applications, such as Risk Management, Scientific and Commercial Applications and Defence/Intelligence Applications.

    Within the programme, INNOVA has been involved in the analysis and prototyping of the focusing algorithms for the StripMap and Spotlight acquisition modes to generate Single Look Complex, Multilooked, Detected, Ground Projected and/or DEM Projected images.

    Highlight of said experience is without a doubt the design and development of the processor to focus very high resolution data acquired in Spotlight acquisition mode, of great interest for civil, but mostly, military defence applications.

    Currently, the Second Generation programme is underway, which will put another 2 satellites with improved, more advanced electronics in orbit from the second half of 2019.

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