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Intecs core business is in the area software controlling advanced defence systems. Intecs extended its market areas to cover also the Space sector in the 80’s. This led to the acquisition of expertise in key technological areas, ranging from earth observation infrastructures and applications to satellite navigation and on-board/embedded systems. The close working relationship with the European and national space agencies, exposing Intecs to cutting-edge technologies and standards, has become the vehicle for technological innovation in Intecs itself. An important expansion into neighbouring sectors occurred in the 1990’s, when Intecs was able to leverage upon own experience with standards-based, mission-critical Space systems, to enter into the railway sector, developing safety-critical railway systems and certifying them against stringent safety standards.

In the 2000’s, Intecs was once again able to leverage upon its experience to make another strategic expansion into the Aerospace, Telecom, and Automotive sectors, expanding once again its portfolio of systems development and expert services of process and safety consulting.

Intecs Solutions currently delivers high-tech systems across a wide range of markets, spanning from Railway to Telecom, Automotive, traffic Control, Defence and Aerospace, and offers expert services of processes and safety consulting. It provides big national and international organizations with consultancy services on high-tech systems, as well as prototypes, products, and “turn-key” software systems developments.

Large and prestigious industries, such as ESA, Ansaldo STS, RFI, Leonardo Company, ASI, and Thales Alenia Space Italia, figure among Intecs’ main customers.

Large emphasis is also placed on the study and experimentation of innovative technologies, aiming at maintaining its expertise updated with the state-of-the-art.

Intecs Solutions expertise in the Aerospace market covers the following areas:

  • Earth Observation Infrastructures and Applications;
  • Geographic Information Systems;
  • Satellite Navigation Applications;
  • Software Engineering and Software Quality;
  • Scientific Visualisation Architectures;
  • On-Board Software Systems;
  • Embedded and Control Systems;
  • Communications Software;
  • Operating Systems and Software Architectures;
  • Check-out Systems.

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    The experiences of Intecs Solutions in advanced technological developments led to the identification and implementation of some products used in new applications and advanced systems productions.

    The following products are carriers of experience and investment consolidated over the years in both research and industrial fields.

    SOFT-REC: The SOFT-REC family includes two main product lines: a real-time software receiver and a software digital signal analysis tool. The first, called Softrec, supports GPS and EGNOS constellations. The second, called SoftrecG3, supports all GNSS Navigation signals.

    gLab: is the result of INTECS’s experience in GNSS signal analysis, particularly in GPS, Galileo and EGNOS performance and signal quality monitoring: its flexibility allows to analyze the Galileo signals currently under definition.

    SIRIO-OD: SIRIO is an automatic system for the detection of targets along the railway lines. It consists of a remote-control system and many peripheral boards that are so-called SIRIO nodes.

    DEJAMM-R: The DEJAMM-R sentinels are autonomous devices that continuously monitor all the downlink and uplink GSM-R bands, which are used for ETCS Level 2 signaling in high-speed rail systems.

    DLT Analyzer is a software tool designed to collect and analyze log and trace information from a vehicle ECU. The tool works in the Eclipse environment

    SIMIS is a Sustainable and Intelligent Mobility Integrated System

    Ethernet Repeater (TL): TL-ER TechnoLabs Ethernet Repeater is a new system that can be used on existing Ethernet cabling to transparently drive Ethernet communications beyond the maximum permissible IEEE 802.3 Ethernet distance. Traditional 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet Networks utilize CAT5e copper cabling which has a distance limitation of 100 meters between geographically separated LANs

    DDF (TL): The DDF is a passive equipment used to minimize high density of the cables for distribution and communication from/to digital terminal equipment. All the transmission rate is based on 2Mbit/s.

    EFAS (TL) is an innovative transport system designed for the next generation of access networks commonly known as Metro Ethernet.

    HRT-UML: The Hard Real-Time Unified Modelling Language (HRT-UML) method, and the supporting toolset, aims at providing a comprehensive solution to the modelling of hard real-time and dependable systems and their early verification, according to rigorous techniques based on formal theories, such as schedulability analysis and simulation, formal verification and quantitative evaluation of dependability attributes.

    Microsek is an INTECS Hard Real-Time and Networked Operating System compliant to the Osek/Vdx standard and suitable for the development of Embedded Real-Time Applications.

    D.I.A.N.A. Intecs has developed the test bench, to automate the validation process of network layer of the control units, Digital Instrument for Automatic Network Analysis.

    Sirio-LX is an automatic system for preventing trains from colliding with obstacles on the track at level crossings.

    EMUSER is an innovative solution providing a satellite Broad Band link certified to be used in the Railway domain. The usage of satellite datalink introduces a change of perspective for addressing safety issues in the railway domain providing a fast and cost effective solution.

    DEDALO is a Passive Anti Drone System for detection, classification and localization of commercial drones (micro and nano UAV) in order to protect airports, prisons, critical infrastructures and sensitive sites (in urban and suburban context), without interfering with public infrastructures.

    ADRANO is a passive Acoustic Detection system which is able to recognize and localize the sound of sniper or drones, providing real time alert of sniper attack or unauthorized drone, enabling a rapid and coordinated response.

    G-PASSION project is an innovative and competitive system in the Satellite Navigation and in the wider Positioning Navigation and Timing (PNT) domain. The system provides a GNSS server-based position authentication service using the full spectrum of the Galileo signal in the air, exploiting cross-correlation techniques between E1A signals recorded at different locations.

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    Sentinel-3; Cosmo-SkyMed; Cosmo-SkyMed Second Generation; Copernicus; Ital-GovSatCom