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Involve Space is an Italian company founded in 2021, specializing in the use of stratospheric balloons for Earth observation and environmental monitoring applications. Its main technology, called Stratostats®, uses stratospheric balloons to transport scientific payloads up to 40 km in altitude, offering an innovative pseudo-satellite platform. This system allows the collection of high-resolution data using optical, infrared, and multispectral cameras, providing detailed images and the ability to keep the platform in position thanks to artificial intelligence, which optimizes the attitude and positioning of the balloons.

The company stands out for its eco-sustainable approach, using helium-powered, fully reusable balloons, thus promoting a circular architecture. This technology enables longer flights, high-quality data, and reduced costs compared to traditional satellites, making it a versatile solution for climate change monitoring, infrastructure observation, disaster detection, and atmospheric research. Involve Space also provides telecommunications support for launch and satellite missions, with plans to expand internet connectivity through balloon constellations.

The company's legal headquarters are located in Canzo, in the province of Como, with offices in Turin and Rome.

Involve Space promotes a corporate culture that values sustainable innovation, personal responsibility, and team well-being. Talent density and sincerity in feedback are central to the company's philosophy, creating a collaborative and productive work environment. The team is encouraged to contribute to the best of their abilities, promoting strong cohesion and a commitment to excellence.

Among its future projects, Involve Space is developing LoonHive®, a constellation of stratospheric balloons that, with just 40 balloons, can cover an area as large as the United States. This project aims to provide innovative solutions for scientific research, telecommunications, and large-scale environmental monitoring. Involve Space continues to grow and innovate, aiming to become a global leader in stratospheric technologies and Earth observation solutions, contributing to a more sustainable and interconnected future.


Via Oltrecolle, 285 - 22030 Lipomo, Como, Italy

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      Via Oltrecolle, 285 - 22030 Lipomo, Como, Italy

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      Jonathan Polotto, CEO

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    Involve Space is a pioneering company at the forefront of Earth observation and atmospheric research, leveraging advanced technologies to provide innovative solutions. Their flagship product, Stratostats®, is a stratospheric pseudo-satellite platform designed to carry various scientific payloads and instruments to the edge of space. Stratostats® operates at altitudes of up to 40 kilometers, providing a unique vantage point for a range of applications. This platform combines cutting-edge AI software, robust engineering, and sustainable practices to deliver high-resolution data and real-time insights.

    The core of Involve Space's offerings lies in their Stratostats® platform, a versatile and scalable solution for diverse mission requirements. Stratostats® can carry payloads up to 50 kilograms, making it ideal for nano/micro and small payload missions. This flexibility allows clients to select specific altitude ranges, durations, and payload masses to achieve their project objectives. The platform is powered by helium gas, making it emission-free and reusable, which aligns with Involve Space's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly operations.

    One of the key technologies integrated into Stratostats® is Neurostar®, an AI software designed to optimize the platform's attitude and positioning. Neurostar® calculates the best trajectories, ensuring that the platform remains stable and accurately positioned for data collection. This intelligent software enhances the efficiency and precision of the missions, making Stratostats® a reliable choice for various scientific and commercial applications.

    Involve Space offers comprehensive services that encompass the entire lifecycle of a mission, from planning and customization to execution and data processing. Their mission planning and customization services allow clients to tailor their projects to specific needs, whether it involves atmospheric research, Earth observation, or telecommunications. The payload integration service ensures that all scientific instruments and equipment are securely and effectively mounted on the platform, ready for deployment.

    The applications of Stratostats® are extensive and impactful. In Earth observation, the platform provides high-resolution imagery with a ground sampling distance of 1 meter per pixel, significantly surpassing traditional satellite imagery in detail and clarity. This capability is crucial for agricultural monitoring, climate change studies, infrastructure surveillance, and disaster management. By flying closer to Earth than satellites, Stratostats® captures more detailed images, enabling more accurate analysis and decision-making.

    Atmospheric research is another critical application area for Involve Space. The platform can be equipped with sensors to measure temperature, pressure, humidity, gas concentration, and pollution levels in real-time. This data is essential for monitoring environmental conditions, studying climate change, and assessing air quality. Involve Space's commitment to using blockchain technology for data protection ensures that the collected data is secure and tamper-proof, maintaining its integrity for scientific research.

    In the telecommunications sector, Stratostats® provides support for communication payloads, GPS augmentation, and satellite simulation. The platform's ability to maintain a constant position in the stratosphere makes it an excellent tool for enhancing network resilience and expanding internet connectivity in remote areas. Involve Space is also exploring the potential of balloon constellations to create a network of platforms that can cover vast areas, providing continuous and reliable communication services.

    Involve Space's engineering expertise and innovative approach are evident in their product offerings and technological advancements. The Stratostats® platform's architecture includes multiple safety features, such as a pressurization system, ballast for movement, altitude control valves, and parachutes for safe payload recovery. These elements ensure the platform's operational integrity and the successful completion of missions.

    The company's services extend to predictive flight modeling, logistics, launch and recovery, and both local and remote piloting. Their engineering services include sensor systems engineering, RF and network modeling, and comprehensive data collection and processing. These capabilities enable Involve Space to deliver end-to-end solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

    Our Missions & Programmes

    Involve Space is the only Italian supplier of stratospheric flights, and one of the leading in Europe, with more than 25 successful launches in the last 2 years. We offer Stratostats, a pseudo-satellite platform for aerospace launches for testing, Earth observation, defense and telecommunications missions. Stratostats can be controlled by Neurostar, an innovative intelligent software to autonomously manage both the individual and collective positioning of networks of stratospheric balloons. # **Strategic view** Our long-term strategy involves the development of our constellation of stratospheric balloons, called LoonHive, which will operate at altitudes between 20.000 and 30.000 meters. This network of stratospheric balloons will act as a pseudo-satellite and enable access to a wide range of new services and applications, including disruptive entry into the telecommunications market. Our focus is on collaborating and partnering with various players in this sector to provide services such as 5G, IoT, and smart cities. With LoonHive, we can achieve a highly organized and scalable solution capable of adapting to the needs of our rapidly evolving world. The strategy involves the deployment of **several small decentralized constellations that can operate in areas of interest and therefore of economic density**.  For example, we could have a constellation of 3 balloons deployed over Berlin, another over Rome, another over Paris, all tactical economic and operational points, where there is certainly an operational request. This multiplies the possibilities of operability and revenue. Our goal is to bring our world to new levels of connection and discovery, to enable precise monitoring of our planet, and to provide help and rescue to those in need. LoonHive is more than just technology; it is a symbol of hope, progress, and the future.