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ItalConsul is an engineering services enterprise. Its Core Business is Logistics Engineering, in particular the R.A.M.S. (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety), as support for the Design of Systems and Equipments.

ItalConsul offers Logistics Engineering services providing its customers with continuous support in the various phases of the product life cycle: definition of requirements, design, implementation and technical assistance.

Decades of experience gained in RAMS Analysis led ItalConsul to develop its ability to Design in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics Engineering (Machinery and Equipment), Software and Assessments.

Moreover, ItalConsul extended over time its skills to simulations by software, such as Finite Element Analysis, Multi-domain and circuit simulations, too. The work-areas of ItalConsul concern Aerospace, Naval, Railway, Defence, Power Plants and manufacturing. ItalConsul employs Human Resources with long experience, gained over decades. They work in symbiosis with young talents, supported and trained constantly to highly advanced projects.

Then ItalConsul is engaged in Research & Development activities. Among its results it includes three patents, seventy scientific publications (also in prestigious journals) and the realization of RelySoft®.

RelySoft® is a software that automates a methodology conceived to calculated the probability involved in the Physics of Failure (PoF) approach. It can be used for Reliability Prediction in order to overcome the limitations of the traditional reliability prediction methods (like MIL-217 or NPRD approach) but not only for this. Italconsul has been using Relysoft® for more than 20 years for railway and aerospace applications.


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    The following are some analyses that Italconsul provides for its ILS services.

    • Reliability
    • FTA/Event Tree/HAZOP
    • Maintainability
    • Availability
    • LCC and LORA
    • Safety
    • Hazard Analysis, Hazard Log
    • SIL Demonstration
    • RCM
    • Manuals
    • Logistic Support Analysis Report LSAR
    • FRACAS
    • Testability
    • Databases
    • Training

    Italconsul can also integrate the above traditional logistics analyses by means of Relysoft tool in order to deal with reliability problems that otherwise would not be tractable with traditional reliability methods. RelySoft® automates a methodology based on the failure-oriented approach, developed and applied for many years by Italconsul, mainly in the aerospace and railway sectors. Relysoft® does not need a considerable number of tests on physical samples in order to quantify the generic failure of the component in time, but analyzes the process underlying the fault and the value and the uncertainties of the quantities involved in the process itself. It is able to assess the probability that this component will fail.

    Relysoft is suitable to be used not only for the reliability prediction, but also to perform a Probabilistic Design, in order to:

    • Calculate probability of success of a physical process
    • Assess the importance of the uncertainties in a process
    • Reduce the over-sizing
    • Fit design changes (prototype)
    • Evaluate the reliability of a process/component over the time
    • Determinate the end of life of a component/system
    • Establish the time to perform preventive maintenance, reducing the necessity of predictive maintenance
    • Estimate the cost of warranty