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Italspazio is a certified Italian company, specialized in satellite and space technologies, providing solutions, services and equipment meeting the needs of a wide range of sectors and applications.

Our mission is to ensure innovative, cost-effective and bespoke space technology solutions with the intent of creating value for both customers and stakeholders.

Our vision is to nurture inventiveness of space technology to anticipate our customers future needs.

Our multidisciplinary team is specialized in various space technology related segments including but not limited to: Ground Segment servicing and control, Satellites systems, Earth Observation Services, Propulsion Systems, Instruments & Avionics. Through veteran industry knowledge and young innovative minds, Italspazio guarantee’s competence and professionalism when spearheading new advanced technologies into the market. Essentially, innovation in the future always starts with experience from the past.

Main Market sectors
The company ensures secure and reliable satellite solutions since 2005 within a wide range of sectors such as Broadcast, Défense, Maritime, Telecommunications, Disaster recovery, Enterprises, Public Administrations and more.

Main Product and Services Categories

The key portfolio includes the following categories:

Space Technology
Earth Observation
Research and Development





Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, 7 San Giovanni La Punta CT 95037

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      Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, 7 San Giovanni La Punta CT 95037

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      Ugo Torrisi

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    • CubeSat (Ka) Antenna
    • CubeSat Ka LNA
    • CubeSat Ka SSPA

    Earth Observation

    • Situational Awareness (SA) Solutions
    • Geospatial Applications


    • End to End SatCom systems
    • ESA Antenna
    • Transportable Antenna - VSAT
    • Antenna Control Unit
    • Passive Splitters / Combiners
    • Power Amplifiers
    • Frequency Converter
    • Antenna Ancillary
    • SatMonitor Software
    • SatCom Services (Refurbishment, installation, maintenance, broadcasting, NOC)
    • VSAT Connectivity Services

    Research & Development

    Italspazio is currently emphasising innovation in its market segment through various Research and Development projects. Two noteworthy projects that the company is currently developing are:

    • ARAMIS: A ELINT (Covert Intelligence-Gathering by Electronic Means) System
    • GINKO-S: Satellite based RFI detection System
    Our Missions & Programmes