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Lead Tech is an engineering company skilled in providing technical support for the design and development of Technical Publications, Management Software, Industrial Automation Systems and Mechanical Design for both the military and civil fields in the aerospace, railway, naval, and industrial sectors.

Our services fall within the Integrated Logistic Support and include study, design and planning of activities as necessary to ensure the effective, efficient and cost-competitive support of systems/machineries during their life cycle.

We believe that partnership is a key factor for every company and the starting point for new projects, new challenges, new opportunities.

Our mission is to offer the best customer care in order to establish more effective, fruitful and durable relationships.

Our company is certificated UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100: 2018 for Design and Production of Technical Publications, Design and Production of Software, Mechanical Design and Space System, Electronic Design and Industrial Automation Systems. Our company is a member of ALI (Aerospace Laboratory for Innovative Components) S.c.a r.l. consortium, operating in the sectors of design, engineering, prototyping and production of aerospace components, integration of systems, electronics and SW / HW applications, on-board systems and remote control systems for aerospace platforms, ITC services and advanced applications for aerospace.

We are a partner of DAC (Distretto Aerospaziale Campano), which gathers tens of entities, including big enterprises, individual SME’s, industrial consortia, 5 universities and several research centers, including CIRA (Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali).

Main Customers are Leonardo, Hitachi Rail, Geven, Tecnam, CIRA, Magnaghi Aeronautica, MIUR, Vulcanair, Selex, Firema, ABC International, Knorr-Bremse, Thales, Eredi Giuseppe Mercuri, Mermec Group, A. Abete, AIM Altitude, Black Shape Aircraft, MES, Istituto Motori, EOS Belumbury.

Main Partners are Fujitsu, Aerospace Valley, ALI, DAC and Scama.

Lead Tech controls Lead Tech I&D SAS, a small company in St. Sulpice, in the vicinities of Toulouse (France). A business unit is detached in Rivoli (Turin - Italy) and a newest one in Munich (Germany).


Via Napoli 141 Casalnuovo di Napoli, Napoli 80013

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    Lead Tech’s activities cover various engineering fields, such as Design and Realization of Technical Documentation, Design and Development of Software, Electronics Design and Automation of Industrial Systems, Mechanical Design and Space Systems.

    The design and realization of Technical Publications is developed with the aim of providing clear and complete information to the end-user and can be realized both in paper and interactive/multimedia formats (pdf, html and xml), in accordance with national and international standards (ATA, MIL, AER, AECMA etc.) or according to customer’s specific requirements. To support the customer in training activities, our company designs and develops courses such as computer/web-based training and produces educational documentation for multi-language training activities.

    Software design and development are carried out with customized, simple and intuitive management systems, to optimize activities and business processes. LMS, Lead Management System, is a proprietary software package of Lead Tech, which allows the production, management and editing of S1000D technical publications. The LMS-RFID System enables the tagging and tracking of aircraft components, according to the ATA Spec 2000 standard. LAM, Lead Company Management System, is another software tool developed in house, which supports corporate administrative and operational management, with particular attention to the management of orders, business documentation and human resources. To the completion of software development, our company provides web services and web marketing services.

    Electronic design was initially focused on company’s activities related to Data Acquisition Systems and the LMS-Maintenance System for predictive maintenance management. Later on, its target has been extended to prototype design and implementation of electronic systems for monitoring and commanding of complex systems in the aeronautic field. A Flight Data Recorder (FDR) has been developed for general aviation and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) have been purposely made for automotive and industrial applications.

    Mechanical design activities are aimed at the realization of aeronautical mechanical components as well as of complex Space Systems. Currently our company is at the forefront for the design and development of a new technology for atmospheric entry, descent and landing, featuring a variable-geometry heat shield, which also works as an aero-brake, allowing landing without parachute and without retro propulsion. New projects include the development of a proprietary technology for 3D-printed metamaterials with potential applications both in space and industry.

    All the production activities are backed by experimental and industrial research, which is performed in the framework of national and international projects, in order to increase Company’s know-how and to offer our Partners and Customers more and more innovative and competitive solutions.


    Our Missions & Programmes

    MIFE - Mini Irene Flight Experiment (ASI-ESA); MISTRAL - Micro Satellite con capacità di Rientro Avio-Lanciabile (Regione Campania); CONCERTO - Cabin nOise reductioN ground Checked by nEw loudspeakeR exciTatiOn (Clean Sky); FORCE - Volo in formazione di Assemblati di CubEsat per l'osservazione della Terra (MIUR)