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Loccioni integrates “Ideas, people and technology” in the development of automatic measure and quality control systems to improve the quality, the efficiency and the sustainability of products, processes and buildings.  The commitment is measuring to improve, helping the industry and service providers to operate in the best way possible, saving time and money, and respecting the environment. Clients and partners are worldwide leaders in sectors ranging from Automotive to Home Appliances, from Environment Monitoring to Healthcare, from Energy to Aerospace. Among the most important there are Daimler, Ferrari, Ford, Bosch, Whirlpool, Airbus, RFI, Enel, Leonardo, Eni, Eon, Pfizer, General Electric. To improve their processes and products quality and to develop joint innovative projects, local offices are established in Germany, US, China, Japan, India.

From the world sites and from the headquarter in Italy, the young researchers, professionals and scientists in Loccioni are dedicated to the development of bespoke measure and testing solutions by integrating innovative technologies: artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics, sensor fusion, data science, edge computing, for the continuous improvement of quality. Wellness, Energy, Environment, and Mobility: these are the topics upon which high level networks are created, community of researchers oriented to open innovation.

Openness and a network approach are at the base of the knowledge enterprise development. From the very beginning, Loccioni starts the collaboration with schools, institutions and the territorial community. The wealth of the enterprise is linked to the wealth of its surroundings and the profit of the enterprise is used for projects in and for the territory.


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    Our Offices in Italy
    Global Presence - Other Offices in the world

    US (Washington DC), Germany (Calw), China (Shanghai), Japan (Nagoya), India (Delhi)

    Products | Services | Applications |Technologies

    Our expertise includes the design and implementation of:

    • Automatic testing line
    • Automatic assembly line
    • Test Benches for laboratories
    • Test Rigs
    • Robotic cells
    • Instruments •
    • Feasibility studies
    • Test Campaigns (to host in-house in our testing laboratories)
    • Energy efficiency and sustainability

    In the Aerospace domain we already developed turn-key solutions in the frame of:

    • Propulsion systems and components testing
    • Avionics testing
    • Satellite Solar Panels manufacturing and testing

    Each solution is created from scratch starting from customer specifications then covering its full life cycle spanning from design, implementation and commissioning up to maintenance and continuous upgrade services.

    Our Missions & Programmes

    Sentinel 6 , Juice