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MEC was founded in 2004, as spin-off of Bologna’s and Ferrara’s Universities, in order to offer to the Italian and European enterprises, the know-how coming from the university R&D department in the field of microwave electronic components, with a main focus on MMIC and TR Modules. The Company’s expertise and core business, are based on the executive design, lay-out generation, on wafer probe test, on jig electrical & thermal characterization of MMIC.s and discrete active components. The leading technologies based on GaAs and GaN semiconductors are used in our projects. A manpower of fifteen PhD Engineers, with solid background and expertise in MMIC design, make the strength of our Company. Further, the most advanced software tools , based on ADS , Microwave Office Sonnet EM and Ansys TAS, are always available to this design team. On the base of the excellent results achieved in strategic European projects for Space, MEC was appointed by UMS ( which is first European GaAs/GaN foundry ) its official Design House. Since then, a very tight cooperation is in progress with this foundry, which allows MEC to get early access to each new technology. From its inception, MEC had the opportunity to develop, for enterprises which are leaders in satellite systems, as Thales Alenia Space, Selex , and Space Agencies as ESA , CONAE and ASI, very innovative microwave integrated modules and advanced MMICs, which allowed us to become one of the preferred European Design Centre for spatial microwave components. The most known European satellite programmes, to name some : Iridium, Galileo, CosmoSkymed, SIASGE, Sentinel…etc, board MMIC.s and microwave ybrids in their most critical line-ups, developed by MEC.


Via San Nicolò di Villola, 1 Bologna BO 40127

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    X-Band GaN Single Chip TR-Module

    27W X-band GaN HEMT HPA

    50W L-band, 45% PAE

    High Power Micro-Modules L, C, X band

    Over the twelve years since our inception, we had the opportunity to cover a large spectrum of designs, from L band thru W band, both for small signal and very high power amplifiers. The above pictures give an idea of some significant items which address the new generation of SAR Antenna for Earth Observation 1), 2), 4) and mobile Communications ( Iridium ) 3).

    More in general, the following products, based on GaAs and GaN technologies, represent a short catalog of what a Satellite System Integrators can find as MEC’s off-the shelf

    HPA at X, Ku and Ka band for satellite and terrestrial telecommunication systems.

    HPA at L and X band for Earth observation satellite.

    Down converter at V band for Telecommunication Satellite.

    VCO at C, X and Ku band.

    LNAs from 2 to 20 GHz.