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MetaSensing Srl is a high-tech company specialised in the design and manufacturing of advanced RADAR systems for the Geospatial and Defence sectors. MetaSensing is a small-medium enterprise focused on the development of advanced radar technology and systems, especially Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), to offer customers cutting-edge solutions for their needs for intelligence, surveillance reconnaissance and defence.

Over the years MetaSensing has developed numerous high-resolution radar solutions for spaceborne, airborne and ground systems.

Technology, hardware, and software, is developed in-house and is company-owned, making MetaSensing a consolidated renown technological reality with a broad portfolio of radar solutions and customers in many countries around the world.

MetaSensing know-how covers the full cycle of a RADAR mission including requirements consolidation, system design and performance analysis, manufacturing, assembly, integration, testing including firmware and control, processing, and visualization software development.

MetaSensing development are based on state-of-the-art technology including solid-state technology, heterogeneous processing with FPGA, CPU, GPU, and advanced simulations and processing algorithms.

With offices in Italy (Milan and Rocca d'Evandro (CE)), Netherlands and Singapore and a network of business partners in many countries, MetaSensing offers customized radar solutions for multiple clients including R&D Centre, Universities, Government Agencies, and commercial players.


Via Aniene 2, 20151 Milan Milan, Italy

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      Via Aniene 2, 20151 Milan Milan, Italy

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      Adriano Meta - CEO & Founder

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      +39 02 2107 9699

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    Our Offices in Italy
    Other Offices in Italy

    Cassino (FR), Rocca d'Evandro (CE)

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    Leiden - Netherlands, Singapore

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    MetaSensing develops customizable state-of-the-art radar sensors for spaceborne, airborne, and ground based imaging, surveillance, monitoring, security and defence.

    • STARSAR-X: Multimode high-resolution SAR payload operating at X band with up to 30-centimetre resolution and 3 kW transmitted power. The payload targets small satellites above 250 kg. The StarSAR-X is a phased array SAR system with Spotlight, Stripmap, ScanSAR and TopSAR acquisition mode capabilities and a ground GPU hardware accelerated SAR processor based on Global Back Projection. The same ground SAR processor can also process data from other spaceborne SAR payloads.
    • AIRBORNE SAR: SAR systems for manned and unmanned airborne platforms with high accuracy, high resolution and a great flexibility compared to spaceborne platforms, allowing for choice of frequency, geometry, trajectory, and flight time. SAR available at P, L, C, X, Ku and Ka frequency band in polarimetric and interferometric configurations.
    • GUARDIAN: high-performance state-of-the-art end-to-end real-time airborne SAR system with innovative technology for drones and manned aircraft. It provides strategic information through a heterogeneous processing system that uses the computing power of the FPGA, CPU and GPU for real-time high-resolution imaging, moving target detection and tracking, maritime and border surveillance.
    • FOPEN: Detection of stationary and moving objects in forests using low-frequency SAR with optimal geometric resolution to discriminate the objects from the background.
    • BISTATIC AND PASSIVE RADAR: Radar systems in which the transmitter and receiver are not collocated, including use of passive radar to detect and track objects by processing reflections from non-cooperative sources of illumination.
    • SAR SIMULATOR FOR AI AND ATR DATABASE GENERATION: a realistic Synthetic Aperture Radar simulator able to estimate the complex RCS of a realistic scenes with targets and background and to model the SAR collection and processing stages to build a synthetic yet realistic database of target-background SAR images. The simulator can create the database of 10k+ SAR images with labelled targets for the training of convolutional neural networks.
    • ECR-C: Electronic Corner Reflector is a compact active transponder developed for the end-users of satellite-borne C-band Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radars (InSAR) for deformation monitoring.
    • FastGBSAR: Ground-based Interferometric SAR for high-resolution high-revisit time deformation monitoring of landslides, infrastructures, slopes, with 0.1 mm accuracy.
    • CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT: Custom design and development of advanced radar systems
    • TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Customized airborne SAR data collection at different frequencies (P, L, C, X, Ku, Ka) and in different configurations (Interferometric, Polarimetric, Tomographic, Bistatic) to support future missions and new algorithms developments
    • SAR DEMONSTRATORS: Customized development of airborne SAR demonstrators, at any frequency, for evaluation of future SAR missions design and for airborne SAR data collection and verification.
    • Airborne SAR Mapping Services: Airborne mapping services at multiple frequency (P- & X-band) for generation of high-resolution high-accuracy Digital Elevation Models (DEM).


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