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It all has begun with the weather. Weather monitoring from space and from local weather stations has always been the fil rouge of the history and the present of MEEO. Since the beginning, the MEEO’s staff has been spending all its resources and energy to facilitate the access and the exploitation of any kind of geospatial data with a clear focus on remote sensing and climate data. Founded in 2004 in Ferrara, Italy, MEEO started its activity providing products and services for climate monitoring and atmospheric pollution monitoring, extending successively its application domain to the Earth surface mapping.
In 2006, ESA awarded MEEO with an industrial contract for the implementation and development of products and services based on remote sensing and since that time, the company has been continuously working in the space sector by providing innovative solutions to cope with the never-ending challenge of Earth Observation data exploitation.
MEEO has always been looking for new ways to evolve and, in 2009, a branch company, SISTEMA GmbH, was founded in Vienna as R&D laboratory. SISTEMA is focused on the development of new data processing tools, working mainly on ESA and on Austrian National projects. In 2011 MEEO became an affiliated partner of the Climate-KIC European initiative, investing in innovative projects to create new services for the climate mitigation and adaptation market.
In 2014 MEEO opted to improve the quality of its offer establishing a owned data infrastructure that provides on line processing and storage capability. The MEEO Data Facility (MEEO-DAF) is a high performance infrastructure created to support the high computing demand of geospatial data and services and to develop and test new cloud computing solutions for big geospatial data exploitation.
In 2018 MEEO entered formally in the Copernicus world becoming a partner of the Copernicus Academy network to empower the next generation of researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs with suitable skill sets to exploit Copernicus data and information services at their full potential.
MEEO boasts a team made by people with a decadal experience and passion for innovative solutions in the use of Climate and Earth Observation data and tools and with a deep knowledge of the whole value chain of the space data management and processing.


Corso Ercole I D' Este 6, 44121 Ferrara Ferrara, Italy

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      Corso Ercole I D' Este 6, 44121 Ferrara Ferrara, Italy

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    MEEO started developing thematic applications in the domain of meteorological and climate data and since the beginning, it was quite clear that the main barrier to provide effective EO data services was the complexity of the data preparation phase. For this reason, in 2008, MEEO decided to extend its internal R&D working programme to the data accessing part of the Remote Sensing Processing value chain. Bridging the gap on data accessibility has become the core mission of the company and the steady effort dedicated to pursuing this scope has produced a game changer product called ADAM, the Advanced geospatial DAta Management platform. ADAM implements the Digital Earth concept allowing the access to large variety of multi-year global environmental data (e.g. temperature, precipitation, vegetation status, etc) enabling visualization, combination, processing and download ( ADAM makes global environmental geospatial data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR). ADAM exposes heterogeneous geospatial data as datacubes allowing effective subsetting functionalities. ADAM provides the user with only the portion of data in space and time which is really needed.

    ADAM is an enabling technology for geospatial data processing centres. By means of its unlimited customizations, it allows to implement the “data as a service” paradigm to enhance the processing performance, to extend the processing capability and to improve the level of automation and flexibility of the cloud-based data processors. ADAM can be linked to existing user environments by exposing backend data access services or it can be provided with user interfaces like a web data portal and jupyter notebooks.

    Regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the major part of them can take benefit from the implementation of the ADAM technology. In the Earth Observation for Sustainable development initiative, ADAM is supporting climate-resilient decision making by providing a quick, easy assessment of climate anomalies (hot spots detection) and rapid calculation of climate risk indicators and associated extreme events. The climate indicators and the EO data analytical tools implemented in ADAM are used to support the insurance sector and European farmers community in the agricultural sector, the monitoring of Climate change effects on Cultural Heritage and the assessment of Climate-related Health risk.

    At professional level of education and training, Geospatial Big data is currently one of the hottest topics for data researchers and industry in the space economy and ADAM provides a unique data laboratory and learning environment to grow the new generation of geospatial data experts.

    MEEO is bringing its decadal experience in Earth Observation data also to planetary science projects to support scientific communities in data exploitation services development. Thanks to the scientific missions for Mars exploration, a large amount of data is now available and it needs to be made available to planetary scientist to be analysed. In the framework of the European Open Science Cloud program, MEEO is evolving its data exploitation tools to support and promote the Open Science practices and play active role in the materialization of the EOSC ecosystem by efficiently engaging the Planetary Science community.

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    Clust-ER Innovate, Copernicus, ESA-European Space Agency, Climate-KIC, OGC-Open Geospatial Consortium