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MG Aerospace was founded in 1959, initially the automotive was the first approach however over the years and based on the inquiries from new customers links to Aerospace field, thanks for having the attitude and know-how to follow the special and complicate parts for this industry, MG has been obtained certification and long last partnership with main players. We are medium size company with 38 employees in term to be fast and guarantee the high quality standard, in which are NADCAP for EDM technology plus ISO 9001 & ISO 9100 for Space field and ISO13485 is used to medical sector. Several type of raw materials can be used such as: Titanium, Aluminium or elements are made Additive technology.

MG has continued to invest of CNC machines, so that 30 machines are in our facility and the workers can easily manage the special or ordinary job with 3 to 5 axes. All the parts are checked 100% in function of the customer's requires.

We are able to supply a complete solution, from the raw material up to the final production, this allows ut to have a vertical production


Via Vajont 88, 10098 Rivoli Turin, Italy

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      Via Vajont 88, 10098 Rivoli Turin, Italy

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      Francesco Manes

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      +39 3400501245

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    We cooperate with Leonardo Wass & Collins in Italy

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