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Microgate is an engineering company operating mainly in the Adaptive Optics field for Astronomical and Space Applications, as well as in sport timing, training and rehabilitation fields, whose real-time control systems for telescope and adaptive optics are the heart of the most advanced astronomical and optical communication research in the world.
Since its establishment, Microgate focused on the development of high precision measurement equipment for sport activities and became soon one of the most well-recognised companies in the field of professional timing. In 1999, due to the cooperation between one of its founders, Roberto Biasi, and INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Arcetri, Microgate has become operational also in the astronomy field, focusing on adaptive optics for large telescope and control systems for main axes in Telescopes and Radio-Telescopes. In particular, Microgate has been one of the major contributors to the development of the "large, contactless" adaptive mirror concept, having conceived and realised a fully dedicated control electronics that is currently at its third generation. These systems are now under studies for Free Space Optical Communications technology, to strengthen the optical link between Earth and the satellites, counterbalancing the effects of the atmosphere on the optical signals, whose intensity is heavily impaired by the atmospheric turbulence.
Microgate highly specialised team - 43 experienced professionals, 15 of whom are specialised engineers (5 with PhD) - is in charge of the development process: from design to prototyping, to final production and customer care. This complete process has persuaded some of the world’s largest companies in a variety of fields, from astronomy to space industries, to choose Microgate as their partner. This is strengthened also by the cooperation with Micro Photon Devices (MPD,, a spin-off company of Microgate and Politecnico di Milano, focused on design and production of single-photon detectors based on the SPAD (Single Photon Avalanche Diode) technology.
Thus, for the last 20+ years, Microgate has been strengthening its leader position in the field of adaptive optics and control of Telescope, leading to Microgate being awarded contracts to operate both on the main telescope facilities and, most recently, on Free Space Optical Communications research.


Via Waltraud Gebert Deeg - Waltraud-Gebert-Deeg-Straße 3e, 39100 Bolzano South Tyrol, Italy

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      Via Waltraud Gebert Deeg - Waltraud-Gebert-Deeg-Straße 3e, 39100 Bolzano South Tyrol, Italy

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    Microgate’s engineering department has its core business in the development of control electronics for Adaptive Optics systems and of control systems for main axes in Telescopes and Radio-Telescopes, being a provider for several international observatories, with targeted solutions for scientific and industrial use.  The in-house capabilities cover the entire design process of electronics systems, including high speed digital processing, high speed communication and analogue design. Concerning the software aspects, Microgate expertise ranges from hard real time control firmware, mainly in FPGA, to soft real-time, middleware, and full stack development. A strong focus is also on control system design and multiphysics simulation, both through commercial and internally developed tools.

    The production process, from components procurement to final integration and testing, is fully managed in-house, with the only exception of outsourcing the boards automated assembly. The company facilities include a large integration clean room with thermal testing capacity.

    Well-proven experience of Microgate personnel, high standards of quality, versatility, tunability to customer’s needs and competitive time-to-market of the products are characteristics that contribute to make Microgate a leader in the market.

    Microgate control system solutions are the heart of the most advanced astronomical research in the world; and, most recently, of some advance research studies on the Free Space Optical Communication by international entities.


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