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We are advanced mechanical parts manufacturers specialized in the aerospace field. We supply aero structures, complex components, assemblies, subassemblies, and parts for the global aerospace industry as subcontractors or as direct suppliers. We can execute the design, manufacturing, testing and certification of all the components that we produce. We are partners of leading companies and we are involved in major projects for the civil aviation, the military aviation and the aerospace industry.

We have capabilities for 3,4 and 5 axes machining of mechanical parts with dimensions up to 4 meters. With our presence and activity in this sector since 2008, we have now acquired a long experience for manufacturing small, medium and large mechanical parts and we highlight our components and tooling production for all kind of materials.

We are specialized in the manufacture of any kind of aeronautics tooling and we can provide a system of supply vertically organized including materials, machining and special processes. We extended our traditional machines to develop high technology tools that meet all irregular shape parts working especially for the aerospace sector. We produce a wide range of components for SAR satellites and many other aerospace mechanical parts and assemblies.

We have a wide capacity of working hours per year, with great resources and a technical staff with long experience.

The traceability of all the parts realized is ensured thanks to production cycles specifically created for each order. The conformity of the components and the repeatability of all details are ensured through our cutting-edge CMM machines. We stand in a leading position thanks to the high-level technologies used, the accurate realization of the projects and the strict quality tests procedures.

Our quality system is recognized and certified by RINA institution according to the strictest standard rules in place: AS/EN9100 and ISO 9001.


Via Del Tridente N. 33 Nettuno Roma 00048

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      Via Del Tridente N. 33 Nettuno Roma 00048

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      Carmen Corrado - International Sales Manager

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      +39 0698575122

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    • Complex precision machines
    • SAR satellites mechanical parts
    • Components for civil and military aviation industry.
    • Complex mechanical assemblies for the aerospace sector
    • Subassemblies and precision machining in aluminum alloys and any kind of special steel, meant for the global aerospace industry.
    • Molds for Injection
    • Thermoforming plastic