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NEXT Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.p.A. is a strategic company at national level with a strong experience in the Defence, Space, and Cybersecurity markets. The company was born in 1999 and in 2018 joined Defence Tech Industrial Group, a total Italian consortium that owns knowledge and skills of the IT companies qualified in the Defence and Cybersecurity area.

We aim to be a reference point company in IT market, dealing everyday with the most innovative technologies. Our mission is to accomplish our Customers needs through advanced systems, services and products compliant to the most modern technologies and development standards, from the requirements’ identification, planning and implementation up to the evolutionary maintenance. Our services are based on the twenty-years’ experience of our IT experts. The company is able to adapt its offer to the rapid changes of the markets in which it operates. Resources, creativity and technology are the fundamental elements of our culture. NEXT  Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.p.A. is an engineering company qualified for conceiving, developing and integrating complex systems with high level technological content. We reach our goals through: attention to resources and know-how, creativity that produces new and continuous business opportunities, continuous technological evolution.

Thanks to decades of experience working on satellite navigation, earth observation, telecommunications and science programs through the collaboration with major national and international players, the company is able to meet the complex and changing needs of the space market through a diversified commercial offer.


Via Giacomo Peroni 452, 00131 Rome Rome, Italy

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      Via Giacomo Peroni 452, 00131 Rome Rome, Italy

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      Alessio Di Salvo - Business Unit Director - Space

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      +39 06 22454 1

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    Key commercial offer for Space market

    • turnkey supply of:
      • ground segment subsystems of satellite missions
      • systems using satellite navigation, earth observation, communication data for the application segment
      • ground and on-board software "from cradle to grave"
      • electrical ground system equipment for satellite system central check-out
      • mission analysis and engineering studies
      • market-oriented solutions
    • provision of services for operational systems, ensuring compliance with the agreed service performance level
    • provision of specialist consultancy to support its main customers' activities

    Market-oriented solutions (Space)

    "Fleet Management Tool" (FMT) is an integrated suite of tools providing a software solution for managing resources, planning tasks, real-time monitoring of tracked assets, post operational analysis and digital reports. Through the FMT it is possible to link different technologies, terrestrial and space, and display the enhanced information in an effective way. Through its distributed architecture, whose applications can be deployed on centralized server and on mobile devices,  FMT is a versatile product that can be customized and configured to meet multiple user needs and applications.

    “Nanosatellite Control Segment” (NCS) is aimed to provide control and flight dynamics services to commercial and scientific nanosatellite constellations by means of an innovative ground control segment characterized by the following key characteristics: multi-constellation simultaneous management, compatibility with Mission Operation and Information Management Services, autonomous routine operation management and remote manned mission monitoring & control, multimission automatic orbital control management. NCS is provided with enhanced features to support the most advanced nanosatellite generation as well as standard features to be implemented for basic constellations.

    Other company Products / Technologies

    “AR-TowerR” (i.e. Augmented Reality Tower for ATM/ATC) is an ICT system based on Augmented reality and advanced Computer Vision technology strongly integrated with ATC/ATM Primary Radars, Weather Stations, On Board Transponders ADS-B, also capable to manage “NON Collaborative Targets”

    "SuSyAR” (Surveillance System based on Augmented Reality) is a Situational Awareness ICT system and solution, mainly focused on the protection of Sensitive Sites and/or Areas, such as Airports, Military Sites, Power Stations, Power and/or Communication Infrastructures Nodes, Country Borders, Coastal Surveillance. SuSyAR is specifically well designed to detect, respond and manage, in a very fast way, to many kind of threats. Its capability to collect and process in real time a huge amount of data/information coming from heterogeneous and distributed environmental sensors as well as from multi purpose 2 axis orientation day/night/infrared cameras, make it an advanced and complete answer to the Urban and extra urban Security needs, and more in general to Smart Cities development, allowing easy integration with IoT (Internet of Thing) methodology and technology.

    “NEXT DATA” is capable to ingest, organise, analyse and through an advanced GUI, allows a very easy retrieval, access and relations creation, to heterogeneous data, no matter their format and organisation structure. Moreover "NEXT DATA", through an advanced GUI, allows the definition of data ontology, while the capability to distribute the analysis work load, allows an easy scalability, depending on the amount of data and analysis requirements.


    Our Missions & Programmes

    Galileo First Generation (G1G); Galileo Second Generation (G2G); Galileo Space Operations (GSOp); Galileo Data Dissemination Network (GDDN); PLATiNO; MARS Sample Return – Earth Return Orbiter (ERO); ITALGOVSATCOM; Virtual Access and Digitalization for Unreachable Sites (VADUS); INovation in SUstainable offshoRe dEcommissioning (INSURE); Cosmo Second Generation (CSG) / Multinational Space-based Imaging Systema (MUSIS); Sentinel 2; Sentinel 3;