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Novaeka is a design and manufacturing company. Its core business is applied to the design and construction of test benches for satellites and rocket engines of all sizes. We operate by sea, space and land, facilitating companies to build complex solutions. The industries are aerospace and cooling where we apply our knowledge of fluidics. Novaeka is the designer of the most important test bench in Europe. Novaeka creates software and digital twins for the simulation of complex systems. Novaeka has the defence and biomedical sectors in its history, with capacity to operate in small spaces.


Via San Crispino 114, 35129 Padua Padua, Italy

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      Via San Crispino 114, 35129 Padua Padua, Italy

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      Marino Moro - CEO

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      +39 0492326245

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    Novaeka is a design company that knows how to design software and mathematical models. It conceives, designs and builds facilities for filling and draining fluids and rocket engine testing. It uses sw for fluidic calculations and it is recognised in Italy and abroad.

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