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Nurjana Technologies is a niche player with a global reach providing innovative products and systems solutions for the defense and aerospace industries.

Leveraging on our 20+ years of expertise and team agility we design and develop state of the art system solutions integrating remote sensing technologies, such as optics, radars and telemetry, to deliver real time expert systems in support of the human decision process.



Via Betti 27/29 ELMAS CA 09067

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      Via Betti 27/29 ELMAS CA 09067

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      Pietro Andronico - CEO

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      +39 070240924

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    Our Offices in Italy
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    NT Application Domains


    • Specialized engineering support
    • SST/SSA and Orbit Propagation
    • Mission Data Analysis, Test & Evaluation
    • Autonomous navigation of Swarm of Drones
    • Remote Sensing Data Exploitation

    Instrumented Test Range

    • Specialized engineering support
    • Real-Time Command & Control
    • Electro-Optical Tracking Systems
    • Automatic Target Identification and Tracking

    NT brand new products

    NAIS, Nurjana Artificial Intelligence for Swarm of Drones: a machine learning environment for a swarm of drones designed for training algorithms.

    NEWMOS, Nurjana Earth Wildfire Monitoring and Observation System: a software system for planning tactical strategic interventions aimed at both the prevention and management of forest fires as well as the post-fire recovery activities.

    Our Missions & Programmes