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Pasquali Microwave Systems ( offers full-in-house Engineering, Manufacturing, Surface Treatments and QA/Testing of µ-Wave and mm-Wave Assemblies (1÷200 GHz, passive and active) for Space, Defense, Naval and Civil/TLC sectors, such as:

  • µ-Wave and mm-Wave Waveguide Assemblies and Antennas Systems: 1 GHz ÷ 150 GHz or higher frequencies
  • Blackbody RF Absorbers for Calibration Targets and EM Polarizers:
    10 GHz ÷ 200 GHz, 4°K ÷ 330°K
  • Composite Fiber–Reinforced Materials and Integrated Complex Metals:
    Carbon-Fiber, Glass-Fiber, Kevlar, Innegra, Rohacell, Dyneema, Special Steel, Titanium, Aluminium Alloys
  • Electronics Subassemblies and Components:
    On-waveguide integrated parts, microstrip/PCBs (1 GHz ÷ 50 GHz)

Pasquali Microwave Systems is the main Company of Gruppo Pasquali (, a holding structure that joints and integrates five Italian leading companies in Microwave Devices and Composites Material Frames.
Each Company has long-lasting heritage, deep know-how and cutting-edge technologies:

Pasquali Microwave Systems: Precision Mechanics for Microwave Devices Production
RTW - Ride The Wave: Advanced and Applied RF/EM Design and Prototyping
Galvanica Pasquali: Galvanic/Metal/Painting Surface Treatments and Electroforming Processes
Vega Composites: Carbon and Composites Fiber–Reinforced Structures Frames
Pasquali Microwave USA LLC: Commercial and Sales Department for US market


Vega Composites ( is a long-lasting Leading Company operating in Composites Materials and Metal Assemblies design and manufacturing of large set of items, from small Assemblies (10cm) up to large Structures (more than 6 mt of diameter):

  • Radomes and Large Domes
  • Antenna Reflectors
  • Radiometer Instruments Mirrors
  • Tank Shields
  • Support Frames
  • Drone/Vehicle Parts
  • Composite Over-Wrapped Pressure Tanks for Satellites

Via Del Palazzo Dei Diavoli 124, 50142 Florence Florence, Italy

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      Via Del Palazzo Dei Diavoli 124, 50142 Florence Florence, Italy

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      Marco Sabatini

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      +39 055 710516

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    Our Offices in Italy
    Other Offices in Italy

    Vega Composites: Via della Lora, 15, 50031 Barberino di Mugello FI; RTW RIDE THE WAVE S.R.L. - 25, Via Roma - 56126 Pisa (PI ) - ITALY; Galvanica Pasquali: Via Benozzo Gozzoli, 5, 50018 Scandicci FI

    Global Presence - Other Offices in the world

    Pasquali Microwave USA LLC – 1717 – K Street NW Suite 900 Washington, D.C. 20006

    Products | Services | Applications |Technologies

    Companies of GRUPPO PASQUALI (PASQUALI MICROWAVE SYSTEMS, RIDE THE WAVE, GALVANICA PASQUALI, VEGA COMPOSITES) are industrial worldwide leaders in technologies, devices and TLC systems for On-Board Flight Payloads and On-Ground Stations:

    • Antenna Systems and Waveguide Assemblies [1 GHz ÷ 100 GHz or higher frequencies]:
      - WGs Assemblies
      - Antenna Systems
      - RF Feed Chains
    • Blackbody RF Absorbers for Calibration Targets and EM Polarizers for RF and mm-wave Radiometer Instruments [10 GHz ÷ 200 GHz, 2°K ÷ 330°K]:
      - Small Dimensioning
      - Medium-Large Arrays
      - Arrays for EM Waves
    • Fiber–Reinforced and Metal Fames [Carbon-Fiber, Kevlar, Rohacell, Innegra, Dyneema, Special Steel, Titanium, Alumina]:
      - Reflectors
      - Radomes
      - Mirrors
      - Shielding Panels
    • Electronics Subassemblies [Integrated Parts at 1 GHz ÷ 50 GHz]:
      - Front-End Components
      - ST TR Limiters
      - Microstrip/PCBs

    Gruppo Pasquali’s work is characterised by high quality and flexibility, as well as:PM, PA&QA, schedule and cost control expertise. Within the Gruppo Pasquali, UNI EN 9100:2018 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 are guaranteed.

    Design or Co-Design from SoW or Customer’s Requirements - Built-to-Specs (BtS) / Built-To-Print (BtP) - Engineering Modelling - Fast Prototyping - Pre-Series - Stock Batches Shipment - Large Scale Supplying

    Our Missions & Programmes

    Planck; MetOp-SG Sat.B; NAOS; Copernicus; MIMR