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PICOSATS is an Innovative SME founded in 2014 as a spin-off of the University of Trieste. PICOSATS is incubated in the Area Science Park, the largest science and technology park in Italy. PICOSATS commercial scope relates to the development, production and marketing of innovative products, processes and services with high technological value, in particular with regards to the development of small satellites and the associated instrumentation. Currently, PICOSATS main business consists in a new generation of telecommunication systems for small satellites, RADIOSAT. RADIOSAT is a miniaturized Ka-band transceiver, capable of providing a data transmission speed five times higher than the current technologies available in the market. In order to diversify the company’s portfolio of solutions, PICOSATS developed its own full small satellite structural bus, BRICSAT, a new solution for building small satellites by using a promising plastic polymer and 3-D manufacturing technique, with a modularity design. Together, RADIOSAT and BRICSAT create a bundle between the hardware’s side, the satellite bus, and the software’s side, the communication system, addressed to the same potential users and customer segments. Additional serviced are being proposed for payload design and integration.


Padriciano, 99 c/o AREA Science Park Trieste TS 34149

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      Padriciano, 99 c/o AREA Science Park Trieste TS 34149

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    1. RADIOSAT - Telecommunication. A new generation of telecommunication systems for space applications dedicated to small satellites. The key technologies at the core of this system are a software defined radio and a highly directive and configurable antenna, operating at high frequencies (Ka band), and providing very high data rates. The hardware system will be associated with ad-hoc telecommunication services.
    2. BEAMSAT1 - Telecommunication. Ka band horn antenna.
    3. BRICSAT - Mechanics. PICOSATS is carrying on an R&D program towards the hardware development of the structural bus of the satellite that will allow exploiting cross selling opportunities (hardware & software). BRICSAT represents a new solution for building small satellites by using an ad-hoc polymer and 3-D manufacturing techniques. BRICSAT aims at providing the means to get independency in satellite bus manufacturing and to grant accessibility and adaptability of space industry, in the light of a remarkable interest in small space programs, both in the scientific and industrial field. The hardware system will be associated with customization services.
    4. Services. Beyond services associated to the hardware products, PICOSATS is proposing engineering services and consultant services for End to End Scientific Mission simulations
    Our Missions & Programmes

    ESA: Artes - RADIOSAT, Artes - BEAMSAT2, Driving a Quantum Ship. ASI: SATCROSS