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Planetek Italia is an Italian SME, established in 1994, which employs 55 men and women, passionate and skilled in Geoinformatics, Space solutions, and Earth science.

The Company designs new processes and solutions that simplify the use of geo-localized information.

We cover all phases of the geo-localized data life cycle, from the acquisition, storage, management, analysis and sharing of information in order to produce and generate knowledge.

We adopt the principles of Strategic Design to satisfy users’ needs with full respect for economic, social and environmental sustainability and technological feasibility.

The main areas are:

  • Earth Observation services for continuous monitoring of Earth surface, infrastructures, areas under construction, urban dynamics and marine-coastal areas for supporting decision-making and operational activities;
  •  Satellite, aerial and drone data processing for the production of maps and geographic information;
  •  Design and development of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) compliant with INSPIRE guidelines for geospatial data archive, management and sharing.
  •  Location Based Systems: Design and development of real-time geo-location based solutions, through positioning systems such as GPS/ Galileo/ GNSS and indoor location systems
  • Space Software: Development of software for the satellite on-board data and image processing and for ground segment infrastructures.

Planetek Italia is also a premium dealer of Hexagon suite software and a data provider of the main satellite images at global level.

Furthermore, through the Rheticus® platform, Planetek provides geoinformative services for monitoring the evolution of the earth's surface. Rheticus® is an automatic cloud-based geo-information service platform, designed to provide fresh and accurate data and information on our changing world.

Finally, to make the satellites more and more at the service of everyone, Planetek gave rise to AI express, thus introducing on the market a new concept of satellite as a service that makes on-demand in-orbit resources such as data and actionable information available to users.


Via Massaua, 12 Bari 70132

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      Via Massaua, 12 Bari 70132

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      Daniela Drimaco - Senior Development Specialist SpaceStream SBU

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    1. Rheticus®: is an automatic cloud-based geo-information service platform designed to deliver fresh and accurate data and information for territorial monitoring. It is designed to deliver up-to-date, accurate maps and historical graphical data via a user friendly dashboard.
    2. Preciso®: Geo-information products, derived from satellite and remote sensing data, designed to provide cognitive frameworks that meet the specific needs of each application field.
    3. Cart@net® : it is the WebGIS solution for the management and consultation of large raster and vector datasets, ideal to distribute on-line catalogues of cartographic data.
    4. LOD4SDI: it is an open and reusable solution for publishing geographic data on the Web as Linked Open Data, according to the standard RDF / XML.
    5. Blockchain4EO: By means of Blockchain technology, the EO value chain is improved in its aspects related to security, integrity, encryption and distribution of EO very large datasets to a group of peers (in the ground segment and on-board) enabling tradeable distributed processing.
    6. Information-as-a-Service: new remote sensing applications in precision farming and sustainable development areas by making use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing technologies.
    7. Satellite Ground Segment: Software infrastructures development for managing, acquiring, processing, archiving and disseminating satellite data (radar, optical, hyperspectral)
    8. Satellite Health Monitoring: technology that detects anomalies and prevents potential failures of the spacecraft or its subsystem. It includes automatic checking tools and visualization tools.
    9. Earthbit: it is a tool that manipulates very big SAR and hyperspectral images together with image streams (live videos from e.g. drones) in real-time.
    10. SpacePDP: it is an open and modular Payload Data Processing framework aimed to transfer satellite data processing from the Ground to Space Segment. It is composed of independent hardware and software modules.
    11. SpaceADM: it is a real time algorithm to evaluate satellite attitude based on Kalman Filter theory. It is able to integrate data from different devices for providing highly precision estimates of satellite attitude.
    12. SpaceOP3C: it is a FPGA or SW solution for on-board hi-performance hyperspectral data compression and cloud classification. OP3C compressed data can be processed in their compressed form.
    13. SpacePTS: it is an EGSE SW Front-End for Integration, Verification & Validation activities of a satellite payload. It provids full front-end functionalities (TM/TC, power and custom analogical links) on top of a commercial HW platform.
    14. ERMES: it is a modular, flexible and interoperable SW, developed by Planetek, to accomplish AIT, Check-Out and Operations activities for Satellites, Payloads, SCOEs and equipment in general.
    15. CASTeC (Context Aware Spacecraft Telemetry Checking): it is a software tool intended to ease the labour-intensive task of spacecraft telemetry checking, by automating the telemetry signals trend analysis and the detection of anomalous behaviours and novelties.https://www.planetek. it/eng/projects/castec_context_aware_spacecraft_ telemetry_checking
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