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PrimaLuceLab is the Italian company founded in 2013 to create innovative solutions for the remote Space exploration. Thanks to a brilliant staff of engineers, designers and expert personnel, PrimaLuceLab develops advanced systems for optical and radio ground stations for space communication and astronomical research.


Via Evangelista Torricelli 9, 33080 Porcia Pordenone, Italy

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      Via Evangelista Torricelli 9, 33080 Porcia Pordenone, Italy

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      Filippo Bradaschia - President

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      +39 0434 1696106

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    via Roveredo 20/b 33170 Pordenone

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    1108 Championship Rd, Oceanside CA 92057 (USA)

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    PrimaLuceLab Observatory Stations integrate all the technologies developed by PrimaLuceLab to create affordable solutions for remote space exploration. Our Observatory Stations are designed for several applications: Remote Satellite Imaging, Space Situational Awareness (SSA), Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), Scientific research & education, Astrophotography, Solar Activity Monitoring, Satellite Communication, Photometry, Spectroscopy and more.

    INTREPID ground station antenna systems for L, C, S, Ku, K and Ka bands are the ideal solution for satellite communication and spacecraft support. INTREPID ground station antenna systems, available in diameters up to 5 meters, have very precise tracking systems that allow accurate tracking of spacecraft, using high directivity antennas.

    We design, assemble and test all of our products in-house. This also allows us to be able to customize based on customers specifications. We offer worldwide shipping, installation and training services with a dedicated team that assist you in your remote space exploration.

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