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Progetti Speciali Italiani Srl (PSI) is an Italian SME 100% owned by Italian shareholders with a strong capability in the development of Integrated Systems and Multidisciplinary Activities.

The idea behind PSI foundation consists in the fact that high tech activities are characterized by short time activity concentration that typically require bursts of intense engineering, development and production works periods followed by pauses for similar commitments.

Therefore, the solution was found by an agreement among some few excellent Italian SMEs to support the creation of a company, dedicated to such special projects, having a flexible amount of resources to be involved according to the workload and based on the SME capability for a COTS and SPIN-IN approach to Space developments.

Each SME part of the Group provides specific technologies and industrial capabilities contributing to special multidisciplinary projects through a mix of PSI Senior and Young specialists.

This approach provides PSI the ability to operate as the core of a Virtual Company of PSI Group with a 20 Million-euro turnover with about 200 employees, still maintaining the size of a small fraction of such a size.

In fact, the average specialized PSI employees consists of less than 20 persons generating a financial turnover of about 2 Million Euros.

The combination of high tech and multidisciplinary approach demonstrated to be successful in the competitive environments participated by PSI with Italian and Foreign Final Clients with dedicated development of High Performance Microsatellites and his payload for Dual Use Application for EO, SAR, ELINT and METEO mission.

  • Mission Identification and System Analysis for Large, Micro and Cube satellites;
  • Active Antenna design and development;
  • RF analysis;
  • Advanced TT&C apparatus in Ka and Q/V band;
  • On Board Digital Architectures;
  • On Board Supercomputer;
  • On Board Modem Development for Space and UAV applications;
  • Full Payload Space Test





Via Monte Santo, 2 Roma RM 00195

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    Progetti Speciali Italiani Srl is able with its organization to deliver a large set of products and technologies applied to the Space Sector but seamless to other applicative sectors in the new philosophy of COTS into Space and Spin In.

    The Major Product capabilities consist on:

    • Nano an Microsatellite for Dual Use Applications
    • Elint and Optical Payload for Microsatellites
    • Sensor Suite for UAV
    • Ground TLC Satellite Stations
    • Large Thermal Vacuum Simulators

    The Major Technological capabilities consist in:

    • Mission System Studies
    • System Definition
    • Thermo-Mechanical Analysis
    • RF Analysis
    • Deploying Mechanism
    • Metal and Composite Structure design and fabrication
    • Power Condition Unit design and fabrication
    • Feed and Antenna design and fabrication
    • Algorithm design and relevant SW development
    • AOCS Analysis and relevant SW development
    • AIT


    Our Missions & Programmes

    The combination of High Tech and Multidisciplinary approach demonstrated to be successfully in the competitive environments participated by PSI with Italian and Foreign Final Client with the following activities recently concluded or are undergoing: NEMOSAT – Elint Microsatellite (Italian Mod Program); TOMS – High Resolution Telescope for Microsatellites (Italian MoD program); ESA Artes 5.1 ITT AO/1-8556/16/NL/CLP - Deployable Antenna Structures for Small Satellites (ESA program); ESA Artes 5.1 ITT AO/1-8218/16/NL/WE - Aeronautical antennas for dual-band including L-band AMS(R)S and other existing aircraft applications (ESA program); ESA AO/1-8433/15/NL/CBi - Participation of Poland in the ESA Small Launcher Initiative (PPSLI) as PGZ subcontractor (ESA Program); ESA Artes 5.1 ITT AO/1-8692/16/NL/CLP – Prototype for a Command and Control Data Link for UAVs in the 5GHz Band (ESA Program); ESA Artes 5.1 ITT AO/1-8999/17/NL/WE – SMA Fast Locking Connector (ESA Program); ESA Artes AT ITT AO/1-10183/20/NL/MM – 100W Deployable Solar Panel for Nanosatellite