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Headquartered in Frascati, Italy, we are an Italian SME delivering solutions aimed at simplifying Earth Observation data exploitation since 2006. We provide solutions easing the management of complex processes related to the exploitation of Earth Observation data to research, industry and international institutions representatives. Such solutions cover several types of activities and/or services, spanning from the support to algorithms development, to their integration into processing environments; from the support to applications validation, to their transfer to operations; from the operations of exploitation environments and distributed ICT systems to education, outreach and communication support. For ESA we operate the Research and Service Support service and we are involved in the Mission Performance Centre of Sentinel-3 (MPC S3).

We also focus on research activities including environmental monitoring (e.g. land classification, agriculture and precision farming) and early warning and risk management support (e.g. fire detection, flood detection, ground deformation). We are also active in training initiatives to support universities, start-ups and SMEs interested in using Big Data.

Our experience is based on a long-lasting collaboration with the European Space Agency and on-site presence at ESRIN. Our customers can therefore benefit from:

  • 15 years of experience in EO data processing for scientific exploitation, as well as EO data users (scientists and service industry) support, requirements and objectives, gained through the operation of the ESA Research and Service Support service;
  • Strong expertise in quality assurance of EO products given our involvement in the ESA MPC S3 and QA4EO service;
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of ESRIN in general and in particular of the EOP-G/EOP-S processes, stakeholders and infrastructures given the enduring collaboration with ESA and on-site presence at ESRIN;
  • Established track record in R&D projects and products development aimed at mapping diverse environmental variables and providing early warning systems, in collaboration with recognized international partners

Via Enrico Fermi, 62 Frascati RM 00044

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      Via Enrico Fermi, 62 Frascati RM 00044

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      Giancarlo Rivolta - Chief Executive

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    Our activity lines are:

    1. Services
    2. Operations
    3. Testing, Verification and Validation
    4. Research Projects and Applications
    5. Education

    1. Services


    EarthConsole is a cloud-based platform comprising a set of support services to assist researchers, innovators and service providers in optimizing the way in which they use Earth Observation data to analyse our planet. EarthConsole is a set of three complementary services: G-BOX (Integrated Algorithm Development and
    Execution Environment), I-APP (Application Integration Service) and P-PRO (Parallel Processing Service) with the aim of facilitating Earth Observation data exploitation.


    EOsuite is a set of services aiming at bridging Earth Observation with non-EO research and business domains. Four are the main services offered:

    • Expert Support (feasibility studies, validation, consulting);
    • EO services (ad-hoc developments; turn-key solutions; platform independence)
    • Partnership (R&D projects, participation to call for bids)
    • Training (basic, advanced, customized).

    2. Operations

    ESA Research and Service Support

    Since 2006 we operate the ESA Research and Service Support whose mission is to support scientists, service developers such as SMEs, start-ups and businesses in the space industry, and institutions in exploiting Earth Observation data during the R&D phase. RSS supports its customers in developing and integrating new algorithms, elaborating on-demand processing campaigns and generating and delivering value-added information.

    S3 – Mission Performance Centre

    The ESA and EUMETSAT Sentinel-3 Mission Performance Centre (S-3 MPC) aims at ensuring the highest quality of products for Sentinel-3 mission. We are part of the Consortium led by ACRI-ST whose aim is control the quality of all generated products, from L0 to L2.

    3. Testing, Verification and Validation

    ESA Fast Prototyping

    From 2014 to 2019 we were involved in the frame contract for social media and mobile applications development for Earth Observation ground segment and mission operations (Fast Prototyping). It aimed at filling the gap between the general public and ESA by promoting its EO missions and emergency and monitoring services, and by highlighting the importance of EO data for the scientific community. The main role of Progressive was to gather the requirements and perform independent testing of the software deliveries released by the industrial consortium.

    4. Research Projects and Applications

    • Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation data: innovative methods for monitoring West Nile Disease spread in Italy - AIDEO: we were a partner in the AIDEO project whose aim was to develop an innovative, scalable and accurate process to produce WND risk maps, using EO data and specific AI algorithms.
    • Fire and Burnt Areas Detection: we developed a fire detection service to detect fires in near- real time and assess derived burned areas mainly based on Meteosat Second Generation data. It allowed local authorities to warn citizens and monitor the identified fires in sensitive locations.
    • Flooded Areas Detection: we are in the position to develop maps based on Synthetic Aperture Radar acquisitions, which indicate the areas affected by the floods to support decision making and disaster response.
    • Ship Detection: we set-up a prototype ship detection chain based on SAR observations to support the Italian Coast Guard in increasing the efficiency of its surveillance activities.
    • Coastline Detection and Monitoring Tool (CoDeMinT): we developed a tool in support of coastal monitoring projects and activities. The tool enables the non-expert user to extract and analyse shorelines from Landsat and Sentinel-2 imagery. CoDeMinT can be provided as a Jupyter Notebook to allow users to automatically retrieve and download input data, configure the main parameters of the detection algorithm, and quickly visualise the analysis results. The detection algorithm implemented in CoDeMinT is based on Canny Edge method [Canny E. 1986] widely used in many applications. This technique is directly applicable on any type of shoreline regardless of the terrain characteristics (white/dark sand, cliff, rocks, port, …).

    5. Education

    Earth Observation Data Analysis Lab Programme

    In the framework of the Master’s degree in Data Science of the University of Rome La Sapienza and within the RSS service, we are in charge of organizing the Earth Observation Data Analysis – EODA Lab Programme: a three-sessions laboratory providing an overview on the Copernicus Sentinels, the EU’s constellation of satellites specifically dedicated to atmospheric, oceanic and land monitoring. The Lab offers its students the possibility of learning the most important techniques to process data and derive products for information retrieval on atmosphere, land and water.


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