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Located in Rome, Rheinmetall Italia S.p.A., previously known as Oerlikon-Contraves S.p.A, is a member of the Rheinmetall Group.

Leader in Air Defense and Radar technology the Company has almost seventy years’ experience in the design, development and manufacturing of air surveillance and tracking radars in the frequency band from L up to W (millimeter waves) and it has been designated as "Radar House" of the Rheinmetall Group.

Since the 80’s, the Company actively operates in the Space and Civil fields, acquiring extensive experience and know-how in Composite materials, primary Structures for Launcher and Satellites, Solar Panels, large Ground Infrastructures for Launchers, precision Mechanisms, Radar technology and Telecommunications.

Rheinmetall Italia participate to important national and international space programs, serving as prime contractor or subcontractor and collaborates with the Italian Space Agency, the European Space Agency, universities, research centers and global space industries.

Among the many facilities, instrumentation and capabilities in the mechanical and electronics domains there are:

  • Design and manufacturing (autoclave technology) of composite structures, components and antennas with carbon, glass and Kevlar materials;
  • Design and manufacturing of primary and secondary structures for payloads, satellite, launchers, solar array and launch towers;
  • Testing facilities for thermal and mechanical environment (temperature, humidity, solar radiation, shock, vibration, rain, salt fog, etc..);
  • Three Anechoic chambers (far field, near field and compact range in addition to a shielded room) for Antennas, Radars and EMI/EMC testing;
  • Clean rooms for mechanical and electronics assembly;
  • Dimensional control and metrology laboratories for mechanics and electronics;
  • Laboratories for non destructive (NDI) and destructive controls and measurements (mechanical loading, die penetrant, X-ray, magnetic particle, endoscopic, metallography and microscopy).

Via Affile 102, 00131 Rome Rome, Italy

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      Via Affile 102, 00131 Rome Rome, Italy

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      Francesco M. Onorati

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    In the space sector, Rheinmetall Italia collaborated with leading space agencies such as NASA, ESA, ASI, DRL and CONAE:

    • CPD (Coarse Pointing Device), external pointing mechanism for the International Space Station;
    • Interstage 2/3 of the European small launcher (VEGA) still in production;
    • Small satellite structures, thermal control, solar panels, and launch campaign  management (MITA, AGILE);
    • Launch bases for the VEGA and SOYUZ vectors at the ESA Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana;
    • Precision mechanisms and restraint / release devices for payloads and solar panels (LARES, SAC-B, SAC-C);
    • MGSE Design and manufacturing;
    • Satellite and Payload AIT including Environmental Qualification Campaign;
    • Launch Campaign acquisition and Management;
    • High Power Amplifiers, in X and Ka Band, for all ESA DSS in Malargue (AR), Cebreros (SP),  New Norcia (AU).
    • X-Band Frequency Conversion Unit and Processing Unit for X-SAR;
    • MMW Technologies, Q-W Band Oscillator and Amplifier for ASI.
    Our Missions & Programmes

    Vega Launcher and Mobie Gantry, Agile and Mita Satellites, Lares Satellite, International Space Station Payload, Soyuz at CSG Mobile Gantry, ESATRACK Ground Station, SAC-B and SAC-C Solar Panels, X-SAR and MWR Payloads