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RINA provides a wide range of high quality tailored solutions in the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure, Industry sectors. Multiple assets for a unique purpose: to build mutual trust with customers and to be recognized as the right choice in any step of a project lifecycle.

Our activities contribute to develope the qualitative level of the market by adopting measures to protect health and safety.

RINA believes in the value of visionary ideas and the importance of protecting life and environment. For this reason, innovation and sustainability run through our business and increase the reputation of both RINA and the customers who care for the planet, look ahead and want to lead the way in the market.

RINA’s commitment to excellence is full and fuelled by our people’s work and competences, essential to bring the best solutions on the stage where the market leaders play.

RINA vision on strategic growth is to progress with the changing world, turning challenges into opportunities and visionary ideas into excellent solutions.

RINA’s ambition is to be identified as the smartest partner to work with: extraordinary promptness, the value of teamwork, courage in making choices, out-of-the-box thinking and innovative mindset are the values we believe in.

The very same approach is in our focus for the services offered to the Space Economy: no boundaries and limits to the services we want to offer providing top performing project support to ranges of stakeholders operating in space.

Services to the space assets are offered through two legal entities: RINA Consulting SPA and RINA Consulting CSM: the former focused on the consulting services and on-premises applications, the latter with deep specialization and competences on laboratories, materials testing, development of new materials for extreme applications.


Via Cecchi, 6 Genova GE 1612

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    Products: Whole range of materials, components and design of parts suited to be exposed to extreme space conditions and environments. Verification of the performances and modelling suites permitting the virtual verification of the performances under e.g. extreme temperatures, radiations, thermal or mechanical stresses (typical in space conditions)

    Services: Security & cyber-security (secuirty by design for systems and HW/SW, support to accreditation, support to certifcation, vulnerability assessment/penetration testing, governance, PRS, ecc. SW/FW Engineering services to design, develop, prototype and test applications and tools (e.g. command and controls, simulators/emulators, validation tools, interface management, TM/TC data analysis), mission and safety critical software development. System Safety (Hazard Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessments and Risk Acceptance, Safety Requirements and SIL Assessments, Software Assurance and V&V, Design Validation through Simulation. Independent Safety Assessment. Safety Audits. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC testing and specialist measurements, Support of E3 protection & mitigation measures, EMC management & control, EMC design consultancy, EMC risk analysis & mitigation, EM Modelling & simulation, EMC qualification & validation). Technology Transfer: mapping, promotion, support to exploitation and effective implementation of space technologies in terrestrial domain (RINA is since 1992 the Broker for Italy of the Technology Trasnfer programme of ESA). Advanced modelling services: modelling of different physical phenomena: thermal, mechanical, chemical and coupled events, Finite Elements and Computational Fluid dynamic models. Aero-elastic modelling, Reduced Order Methods (ROMs), Impact models and large deformations modelling. System Engineering (telecommunication systems integration, data management, 5G data security and data access; satellite communication). Coupling of satellite communication capabilities, terrestrial 5G and NTN-5g IOT to the benefit of industrial processes. Enterprise Architecture definition; Capture, analysis and management of requirements; Stakeholder identification and management; Functional & physical integration management and support; Acceptance Testing and evaluation. Management Services Definition of requirements and preparation of System documents, Management of industrial activities, acceptance tests & trials, Cost, Schedule and Risks Management. Integrated Logistics Support (RAM&T Configuration Management, System Reliability and Maintainability, Maintenance planningand Level of Repair Analysis, Systems’ Availability & Life Cycle Cost, Failure Report Analysis and Corrective Action System, Technical Publications development (S1000D), ILS Data Management, Maintenance Management & Monitoring System). Training & Learning (Training consultancy, Training analysis including the application of SAT ADDIE, Learning and development research studies, Training design and development, Human factors integration, Multi media learning solutions, Delivery and evaluation of training, Competence management, Trainer development. Supply Chain and Quality (Suppliers Technical Assessment, Supplier delivery management and coordination, Planning, tracking and production processes mapping for costs optimization, Supply monitoring and definition of key indicators (KPI), Product testing and verifications. Advanced Materials: integral materials engineering and consultancy; materials composition (metallic, ceramic, polymeric), processing, special testing design and execution. Advanced Coatings: design and development of advanced coatings for specific space applications (e.g. thermal barriers, oxidation protection, optical coatings). Manufacturing of prototypes for testing in operative conditions. Modelling of coating composition evolution in service conditions.
    Advanced characterization and testing: characterization of materials, components and systems according to standard testing procedures or tailored testing procedures developed for specific environments and operating conditions. Measure and analysis of material properties: microstructure physical properties, chemical properties, mechanical properties. Standard test facilities include: mechanical testing, oxidation and corrosion testing, tribological testing, electric, electronic and magnetic testing. Capability to develop specific test rigs to test materials subject to multiple and combined sources of stress. Full scale testing. Advanced materials formulation to model the performance of lunar regolith. Additive Manufacturing: design, development and manufacturing of standard and special alloys taylored for Additive manufacturing process. Production of gas atomized powders for AM, material characterization (powders and products) and process parameters optimization. Development of light alloys for space application.


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