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S.A.T.E. is an R&D and engineering company, founded in 1998, that performs services of advanced technology engineering in many different industrial fields, in particular in the energy industry (offshore, gas compression and processing industry), in the automotive and the space industries.

S.A.T.E. is specialized in the study and analysis of innovative systems, modelling, simulation, diagnostics and knowledge extraction from data, with the following key competences:

  • Systems and software engineering
  • Systems physical mathematical modelling
  • Systems simulation
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for knowledge extraction from data, systems modelling, anomaly detection
  • Model-based diagnostics
  • Data-based characterisation of systems behaviour/expected performance
  • Control systems

S.A.T.E. operates in the following areas:

  1. SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, providing consultancy, study and design with regard to mechanical, underwater, marine and space systems for which design with a strongly interdisciplinary and inter-functional (“systems-engineering”) approach is necessary.
  2. MODELLING AND SIMULATION, providing products and services for the dynamic simulation of systems operation and control, which is necessary to verify their design. To provide these services, S.A.T.E. uses its own proprietary advanced software products, developed in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment, for both off-line and real-time simulation.
  3. ON-BOARD AND IN-FIELD SOFTWARE, providing customised software solutions deployed for on-board (embedded) and in-field applications implementing data processing, dynamic simulation and diagnostics.
  4. DIAGNOSTICS AND KNOWLEDGE EXTRACTION, providing software solutions and services for systems diagnostics, based on both model-based and data-driven approaches, and knowledge extraction from data, applying both State-of-the-Art and S.A.T.E. proprietary methods and algorithms.

S.A.T.E. is a qualified consultant and supplier of international OEM and engineering companies in the automotive sector, of CERN, ESA and Large System Integrators in the space sector, and of international OEM, IPC contractors and oil companies in the power and oil&gas sector.

S.A.T.E. quality system is certified according to ISO 9001-2015 standards.


Santa Croce 664/A Venezia 30135

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      Santa Croce 664/A Venezia 30135

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      Chiara Brighenti - Technincal Director Controls & Diagnostics

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    Dynamic simulation and real-time simulators of processes and machines operation and control, such as for gas compression facilities, gas turbine power plants, refrigeration cycle compressors, vehicles components. Examples are:

    • ACUSYS: Simulation of pressure pulsation in fluid plants. API 618 pressure pulsation analysis. API 674 pressure pulsation analysis. Calculation of shaking forces in piping. Design of pressure pulsation dampeners. FIV - Flow induced vibrations analysis.
    • ACUSCOMP: Dynamic simulator of a reciprocating compressor interfaced either with a steady piping system (ideal interface) or with a reacting piping system.
    • COMPSYS: Dynamic simulation of gas compression plants.
    • HYDRODYN: A dynamic simulator for single-phase flow in piping & plants.
    • TGSIM-Plus: A real-time dynamic simulator of full gas turbine plants.
    • Telescope Dynamic Simulator: A software simulator of telescopes dynamics, to evaluate the dynamic oscillations of the mounting structure and optical parts an verify compliance with system specifications, considering wind disturbance, gravity, bearing friction, motors model and controls.
    • TTYRE: An embedded software solution for vehicels sensorless tyre thread temperature and pressure estimation during the vehicle warm-up phase.
    • CONDIZ-4HIL: A software for the real time simulation of automotive HVAC refrigeration cycles.
    • BENCH: Dynamic simulator of car suspension test bench.


    • Diagnostic Kernel Modules (DKM): A library of software functionalities for the development and customisation of diagnostic models (also for on-board applications), performing normal behaviour characterisation, health status estimation and prediction, exploiting State-of-the-Art Neural Networks models integrated with SATE proprietary diagnostics methods. DKM have been configured by S.A.T.E. to perform diagnosis of:
      • Large internal combustion engines
      • Vehicles powertrain components part of the air intake system, cooling system, injection system, aftertreatment system, temperature and pressure sensors
      • Satellites reaction wheels
    • Fault Isolation Module (FIM): A configurable software tool for the identification of the most probable causes of observed fault symptoms and evolving anomalies detected by DKM or other anomaly detection models, providing a list of root causes and their likelihood.
    • Consistency Maps: A software tool for the training and use of consistency maps, aiming at extracting behavioural patterns of sets of monitored signals and detect deviations for the nominal patterns.
    • CASTeC: Software-as-a-Service platform to enhance constellations monitoring and diagnostics, by means of SATE proprietary data-driven techniques, performing:
      • Automation of spacecraft health monitoring and telemetry checking.
      • Automatic identification of anomalous telemetries and relevant events that require investigation by SCs.
      • Early detection of incipient faults and anomalous trends in the behaviour of the satellites/constellation.
      • Automatic identification of correlated telemetries and events for quick events understanding.
      • Improved visualisation of raw data and of check results providing synoptic views to better investigate data.
    • KETTY: A desktop software tool to support Satellite Controllers in the analysis of S/Cs telemetries for anomaly detection and interpretation, implementing data pre-processing and synchronisation, normal behaviour characterisation through pattern extraction, anomaly detection, potential cause-effect relationship identification among telemetries.
    • AIDA: An advanced web-based software solution based on Deep Learning algorithms for the diagnosis of antennas during tests, identifying the type of anomaly and its entity, with the purpose to allow test engineers to perform fast iterations to quickly identify the error sources and complete the diagnostic process.
    • CLUE: An advanced software tool for the statistical and pattern analysis of data, originally developed for the analysis of clinical laboratory data and knowledge extraction without the use of a-priori medical knowledge aiming at the improvement of laboratory and medical practices and the support of physicians in the generation of diagnoses.
    • TRA-Miner: An advanced software tool for the extraction of typical vessels trajectories from historical GNSS datasets, with space-time tolerances, based on ships characteristics and weather conditions, to enhance vessels traffic monitoring.

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