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Sabelt, founded in 1972, is a global leader in development and manufacturing of original equipment car seats, motorsport products and special applications including cargo retaining systems.

The quality of Sabelt products is the result of intensive Research and Development, which allows to achieve the highest levels of performance and safety.

Sabelt yearly invests 8% of its resources in this department and is the only company of its kind to have an internal dynamic test lab to perform ECE and FIA tests, verifying strength and effectiveness of its products. Thanks to its long-lasting experience in safety, it has been able to reduce the mass of the retaining systems for the space cargo module up to 40% of its’ original weight (around 100 kg mass reduction achieved thanks to high tech materials and new geometry design). It extended also the product portfolio for space with new fireproof EPP bag support used in the space cargo operations to optimize load storage


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    Cygnus Cargo Modul retaining systems

    Sabelt retain systems have been studied to improve the cygnus module maximum cargo load.

    100kg mass reduction has been achieved thanks to high tech materials and new geometry design.

    New components make the on-orbit operation easier and quicker for full astronauts’ satisfaction.

    Volume reduction thanks to flexible webbing straps instead of metal structure.

    Latest geometry development gave more storage flexibility in dimension and shape for both bags and experiment.


    Ultralight Aircraft Seat Belts

    A three points seat belts designed for aircraft cockpit where the weight is the major issue. Two inches webbing able to resist up to 26kN, hardware tested at 15kN and a complete flight configuration for 700g only. All components are competition parts carry over to guarantee the maximum safety level. Fully adjustable for shoulder straps and lap belt, it is easy to fit and dress while the two inches webbing give the maximum comfort of the body. These harnesses are produced mainly with polyester webbing to achieve the common market positioning but Sabelt is the only company able to replicate these geometries with different ultralight material (Zylon two inches webbing is 24g per meter).


    Cargo Module Foam Support

    Sabelt supplies cargo module foam supports used for building a regular floor to fit bags and instruments. Foams are made by EPP material produced by mold with a specific shape, rounded to match the module primary structure and flat to permit bags positioning.

    The EPP material is flame retardant with good performance at compression, rigidity and with good characteristics of thermal and acoustic isolation. It can be designed in order to create space for additional bags, with holes to reach the primary structure. It is also possible to co-mold fixing and create boxes and cover to protect the payload.

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