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Serco Italia is an Italian company belonging to Serco Group, the public services expert specialising in the delivery of essential public services and managing over 500 contracts worldwide.

In Italy our core business sector is Space, and in particular the Earth observation (EO) domain: we have been providing a wide range of services to the European Space Agency (ESA), national space agencies, institutional governments and the European Commission (EC) for the past 30 years.

Serco’s teams of engineers, technicians and operations specialists support a wide range of space and ground activities: from data archiving and exploitation, data processing; to systems design, operation and maintenance; data production quality control; and the scientific and technical support for EO satellite data exploitation projects.

In addition, as part of our user-facing functions, we provide specialised EO Helpdesk and Service desk as well as 24/7 operations for critical services (e.g.: to manage incoming requests for the International Charter for Disasters).

Our employees also play an important role in supporting prestigious European programmes, such as the EU Copernicus programme, where Serco Italia provides key services for the Sentinels Core Ground Segment and Data Access and for the data dissemination operations to final users.

Serco is also participating in a number of EC H2020 Calls, such as EOPEN (opEn interOperable Platform for unified access and analysis of Earth observatioN data), which aims to fuse Copernicus Sentinel data with heterogeneous big data sources, and MOSES (Managing crOp water Saving with Enterprise Services), which proposes an integrated and innovative water management solution.


Via Sciadonna, 24-26 Frascati Roma 00044

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      Via Sciadonna, 24-26 Frascati Roma 00044

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      Roberto Mulatti - General Manager

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      +39 0698354400

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    • Systems Engineering ˆ
    • Service Operations ˆ
    • Scientific Support for data exploitation ˆ
    • Satellite Data processing ˆ
    • Satellite Data Archiving ˆ
    • Quality Control Services ˆ
    • CAL/VAL ˆ
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    • Ground Segment Operations ˆ
    • Earth Observation Help Desk ˆ
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    • IT Infrastructure Maintenance and Operations ˆ
    • System and Database Administration ˆ
    • Web design and operations ˆ
    • Cloud Solutions

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    • Programme/Project management support services


    Serco Italia leads one of the Copernicus Data and Information Access Service (DIAS) foreseen by the European Commission and operated by ESA.

    ONDA is a cloud-based platform providing direct access to one of the largest archives ever built for geospatial data (including full availability of all Copernicus Sentinel Missions data, information products from the Copernicus Services, and data from additional missions like Landsat-8 and Envisat).

    ONDA’s aim is to support the development of Copernicusbased user applications and also to enable research and business by providing custom solutions. ˆ

    Our Missions & Programmes

    Copernicus, Artemis, Cryosat, Earthcare, Envisat, GOCE, Geos, φ-sat