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Space Factory (SF) is an innovative start-up born in 2015 whose corporate purpose is the development and the production of innovative products and / or services with high technological value in the field of aerospace, advanced mechanics, ICT and telecommunications. In 2015, SF signed a twenty-year contract with ALI to exploit the patent technology called IRENE (Italian RE-Entry NacellE).

Mulltinationals like VIASAT, Lockeed Martin, THALES ALENIA SPACE, ASI with which the first commercial contacts have already begun, have shown interest in the use of the technology called IRENE.

Space Factory participated in the following projects:

  1. MISSION - “Maritime Integrated Satellite System in an Inter Operable service Network”; it is a research contract financed by ASI (Italian Space Agency).
  2. MINI IRENE “Maxus International Nacelle to Investigate IRENE capabilities”: it is a research contract funded by the European Space Agency to develop a “ground demonstrator" technology of the variable-geometry, umbrella-like heatshield of the MINI IRENE capsules.
  3. TALED - project for the forest fire fighting using an integrated platform of TLR and TLC data. The project was funded by the European Space Agency.
  4. SISDA - "System of controlled downhill and precision landing". Controlled descent system and precision landing The project was funded by Italian MISE (Ministry of Italian Economic Development).


SF’s members have high quality profiles able to creating synergies of high strategic value are Dr. Paolo Lepre, CEO, 70% shareholder, graduated in International Economics in 1998 at the Parthenope University of Naples. Qualified as a chartered accountant and auditor, he has the appropriate expertise in the business environment and in the management of research projects. Former President of the Aerospace Commission of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Naples, and member of the commission for public and private partnerships at the National Council of Chartered Accountants.

He has a ten years’ experience in business consultancy for aerospace companies in the Campania Region.Prof. Fabrizio Ferrucci, 30% shareholder , graduated in Nautical Sciences in 1980 at the Parthenope University, has suitable and functional expertise in the scientific field through the realization of design studies and research aimed at favouring technological innovation and to provide innovative solutions to the aerospace market. Professor at the Open University –Dept of Earth Ecology and Environmental Science, Milton Keynes, UK. Professor From 2010 to 2013 he was a first-class professor in Space Geophysics (invited) at the University Paris VII "Denis Diderot" and "Enseignant-Chercheur de 1ère classe" at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris , France. In September 2013 he was appointed honorary professor at the Open University in the United Kingdom.

Overall, F.F. he was coordinator or P.I. in 23 projects with budgets of over 25 million euros, with a focus on Europe, Africa and Asia - author or co-author of 5 patents (three international and two Italian) in Electronics and Remote Sensing, author or co-author of over 100 publications (56 in class A international journals) and official reports on Science and Technology, author or co-author of over 150 oral presentations at international workshops and symposia (over a third of them by invitation)


Via E. Gianturco, n. 31 Napoli NA 80146

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    Space Factory aims to customize IRENE’s patented technology in different aerospace applications such as: atmospheric re-entry, landing, movement of space components (i.e. deployable antennas and solar arrays on satellites) aiming to introduce an innovative customized technology in the aerospace market.

    The IRENE patented technology has technological and economic advantages that make it unique compared to other solutions in the space sector, and compared to the inflatable opening systems (“inflatables”).