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ST4I  - “Space Technologies for Innovation s.r.l.” is an Italian innovative SME recently established.

Credibility, Competence, Innovative Ideas as well as Enabling Technologies development and Detailed Design Control attitude are believed of paramount importance by ST4I. That is the main reason for the presence in the company of owners - individuals and SMEs - exhibiting deep knowledge of the European Space’s Industry as well as excellent technical background gained through the participation to the most important Space R&D and Commercial European programs over last 40 years. ST4I is registered in ESA STAR.

ST4I’s mission is to conceive and develop, in the field of satellite segment, products and related services based on added-value technologies, through applied research, technology transfer and engineering activities. Such effort is addressed to onboard satellite and on-ground at the level of component, equipment and sub-system in the domain of Telecom, Navigation, Earth Observation and Science at all operating bands and set of applications.

The embedded SMEs presence in ST4I permits to autonomously manage the whole set of the project development phases, being operational over the entire value chain, from the initial offer preparation to the product manufacturing process and test passing through all qualification processes. ST4I is therefore in the position to well manage and address all the necessary competences in terms of state-of-art electrical design, thermo-mechanical analysis, passive and active components and equipment, technology assessment and future needs as well as devices integration and test.

In addition to the above, fruitful interaction between research and industry is considered a must and therefore dedicated partnerships with Universities on specific R&D subjects have been already setup, enlarging the technical base at the same time providing short term opportunities for students and young engineers.

ST4I further goal is to create and consolidate the partnership with European SMEs and Primes aimed at innovative design and enabling technologies development, also in view of providing new services.

ST4I offices are placed in Rome Tiburtina - TECNOPOLO area


Via Giacomo Peroni 94, 00131 Rome, Italy

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      Via Giacomo Peroni 94, 00131 Rome, Italy

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    Innovative enabling technologies development is considered the “key” to maintain appeal to market especially when on-board and on-ground market ask for product miniaturization and cost minimization. Typically, cost minimization asks for tolerant design and the necessary use of low-cost materials and consequently product manufacturing tolerances control is fundamental.

    Several subjects and initiatives aimed at spatial technologies development are present over Europe. Among the others, ESA-ESTEC certainly represents one of the most attractive ways to maintain state-of-art competence on this subject in view of the product realization, either on-board or on-ground.

    SME capabilities are considered of high value to Europe’s space industry by ESA which encourages the large industrial group to involve SMEs on European Space programs creating opportunities for the SMEs to work more extensively with ESA and its space contractors.

    The participation to the ASI and ESA world of opportunities is considered by ST4I the preferred approach to allow the growth of SMEs according to their own identified Products roadmap. ST4I intends is becoming an important partner for Italian and European SMEs trying to provide an answer to the before mentioned points in terms of adequate subjects for innovative design consolidation and enabling technologies development.

    ST4I is mainly addressing its interest to technological opportunities characterized by low TRL recommending high innovation substantiated by credible solutions; their industrial validation could be carried out by either Technology Demonstration Payloads or the use of dedicated small satellite (micro, nano, CubeSat). Once validated, the developed product could be usefully considered also for Institutional programs providing the right Return of Investments spent in such development.

    At the present, for on-board application, particular attention is devoted by ST4I to flexible and reconfigurable satellite payloads through analogue and/or digital configurations. The (V)HTS scenario is the one ST4I is investing at the end identifying innovative solutions where the active antenna and associated BFNs play an important enabling role. Next figure shows an example of the evaluated multi-beams Earth coverage (>1000 beams).

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