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Spaceexe is a technology company skilled in the design and development of IoT solutions based on GNSS and telecommunication devices. Spaceexe has a large experience in developing GNSS based products, focusing on critical infrastructure monitoring and football players tracking. Moreover is able to conceive and lead innovative R&D projects activities in satellite navigation, telco, firmware and electronics for the production of high-tech devices and services with international and national partners (ESA, GSA, ASI, Lazio Innova, etc.).

Spaceexe was founded in 2013. It was born as Startup, participating in the ESA BIC incubation program. In 2014, Spaceexe was incubated in Ericson through the EGO program. It has followed its path gaining participation in the FIWARE accelerate program and finally it took part in the acceleration program run by Telecom (#WCAP).

Spaceexe was awarded several and prestigious prizes such as ESNC (European Satellite Navigation Competition) in 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018. In 2014, during the ESA Investment Forum, Spaceexe was awarded as “the most promising startup”. In 2016, Spaceexe won the “Think4South” awarded by Groupama and the "Lazio Innovatore" as “best startup 2016”.

Spaceexe has presented its solution and won the BELS + project for “Continuing Building European Links toward South East Asia in the field of EGNSS” and thus gaining participation in GNSS Demo Centre at the NAVIS in Hanoi, Vietnam.

In 2018, Spaceexe has become a member of GSA Raw Measurements Task Force


c/o Tecnopolo Tiburtino - Via Ardito Desio, 60 00169 Roma - Casale 5 00131 Roma

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      c/o Tecnopolo Tiburtino - Via Ardito Desio, 60 00169 Roma - Casale 5 00131 Roma

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      Mirko Antonini - C.E.O.

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    • DEDALOS is a GNSS based completely autonomous system, dedicated to continuous monitoring of surface displacement to be used in areas subject to deformation, due to landslides of deep gravitational slopes or on critical infrastructures (dams, bridges, oil pipelines or buildings), subject to sinking, subsidence or more in general to external forces endangering their stability. DEDALOS has gone through a long R&D process. First it has been designed to bring to market a low-cost, lightweight and low energy consumption IoT solution for deformation monitoring and early-warning of hazards induced by geophysical phenomena (landsides, subsidence, sinking, etc.) or by manmade activities (excavations, injection/extraction of natural gases, etc.). After that, Spaceexe has developed a second version of DEDALOS named DEDALOS-SAT.
    • DEDALOS SAT aimed at the improvement of the DEDALOS system providing a satellite data transmission interface as a backup for standard ground-based (mobile phone) network. Another objective of DEDALOS SAT project was to integrate GALILEO GNSS data (multi-constellation approach) to improve the reliability of service when visual impairment due to mountains or buildings may degrade the precision of GPS alone.
    • WHEARE is an innovative technical and tactical live performance monitoring system for the professional football teams. Sport performance monitoring systems have become one of the main instruments for improvement of a professional football team. Rise the need for new technologies to have better performance analysis. WHEARE pushes forward the football analysis by combining physical and tactical performances analysis, all in real-time. Through the use of GALILEO, WHEARE reaches a high accuracy in positioning detection; LIVE technology enables performance analysis during an official match; finally, the extremely miniaturized device and its competitive price make WHEARE a unique and innovative performance monitoring system. Finally, Spaceexe has moved from a concept of GNSS integrated shin guard towards devices worn by football players as the primary source of data.
    • EAGLE is an innovative device, which integrates an high precision GNSS receiver with the capability of authenticating the position through the GNSS satellite signal recording, the I.D. satellite tracked, and their position in orbit. EAGLE introduces the possibility of a “Fluid Limited Traffic Zone”, in which fixed gates is no longer the standard method to regulate dynamically downtown access. Instead, Public Administration can manage traffic in a new smarter way, implementing differential access to the city centre, based for example to a political rally, block-based pollution data, urban air quality and commercial activities.