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Stam is an engineering company that supports private and public clients, leveraging on a multidisciplinary expertise and hands-on experience across four main industrial domains, namely Space & Defence, Robotics & Industry 4.0, Security & Transport, Sustainability & Bio-circular economy. The company collaborates with a wide network of partners in several large research and innovation projects supported by the European Commission.

The company was founded in 1997, thanks to the seed funding provided by the ESA Technology Transfer Programme to develop an innovative gearbox system. Since then the company has been successfully collaborating within ESA programmes in the development of devices for soil investigation, servo-actuators, hermetic sealing systems and test rigs. Mr Franco Malerba, first Italian astronaut, is our Scientific Advisor and Business Coach.

In particular, Stam was main subcontractor in the ESA Clean Space project ADRiNET “Net parametric characterisation and parabolic test”, where the validation of the Active Debris Removal (ADR) technology was tested and validated in a parabolic flight campaign at the NRC-CNRC in Canada. The ADR technology was further developed within the H2020 project ADR1EN “First European System for Active Debris Removal with Nets”, through upscaling activities, thermal-vacuum cycling tests at Thales Alenia Space Italy facilities, and full-scale free fall ground experiments, till the development of an ADR business plan. Finally, the technology has been recently transferred to Earth, to counter drones and protect both critical infrastructures and soft targets.

Stam was also prime contractor in the YGT feasibility study within ESA TEC-MSM “Hermetic Sealing for Rotating Shaft”, focused on studying the feasibility of the mechanical sealing concept, through breadboard design, prototype and tests.

Stam is also a member of the OT4CLIMA project, aimed at developing new tools and EO methodologies to provide products, applications and services to improve mitigation capabilities of Climate Change effects.

Stam has established strong collaborations and partnerships with hundreds of international companies and research institutions. In particular Stam has collaborated with key players in the space field, ranging from large system integrators, to SMEs and research organizations.


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    The main mission of Stam is to provide engineering services to industries. The company invests a significant part of its turnover in R&D, thus providing their customers with most qualified and edging competencies to drive development based on availability and affordability of technological trends.

    Since its establishment in 1997, Stam has been specializing in the design and manufacturing of advanced mechanisms and mechatronic systems. The company can perform all stages of the product design cycle, from conception through validation, to component and subsystem design and specification, down to the definition of tools and production cycles.

    Stam owns a laboratory equipped with a test bench to measure the performances of mechanisms and mechatronic systems developed either by Stam or by third-parties. Besides, the company has recently developed also a microalgae laboratory, to investigate bio-based solutions and life-support systems.

    Finally, Stam owns the following patents, born and/or applied in the space field:

    • ITSV20000049A1 “Nutating bevel gears based gearbox”.
    • ITRM20060609A1 “Equipment for the modeling of products in particular products that can be shaped to prevailing extension on a particular floor textile products and control system of the same”.
    • EP2975296A2 “Planetary Gearbox based on Tilted Bevel Gears with Two Reduction Stages for Very High Gear Ratios”.
    • EP3381637B1 “Apparatus for modelling products”
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