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TEMIS is a company, part of ART S.p.A a medium sized company (200 resources), working in space domain for more than 10 years, establishing itself in the field of test system design, electromechanical actuators and avionics/space systems. TEMIS was founded in 2006 with the mission of developing electronic products for the Motorsport sector. In the following years the experience accumulated by the design of ECUs for F1 pushed TEMIS to face a market such as the aerospace one and it’s from this challenge that a telemetry system was born to be integrated in the VEGA launcher for data and video acquisition, thus contributing to the validation of the first Italian launcher.

TEMIS is now constantly present on VEGA, and it will be also on VEGA-C, providing equipment like telemetry system, video-cameras , separation command units and heat flux sensors.

TEMIS has the headquarter located in Corbetta (close to Milan), distributed in 400 m^2 of offices and about 200 m^2 of laboratory for integration and test and a subsidiary office in Passignano sul trasimeno at ART headquarter.

The Corbetta office counts about 20 resources, mostly highly graduated engineers deeply experienced in:

  • Project Management Office (including System Engineering and Product Assurance)
  • Design & Manufacturing of Test Equipment & Simulators
  • Design & Manufacturing of custom Embedded Systems
  • Thermo-Mechanical Analysis and Design
  • Control Systems Development and Simulation (including satellite AOCS) TEMIS premises in Umbria are equipped with state-of-the-art of the production tools in order to provide fast prototyping during design and high-quality production process.

via Donizetti, 20 Corbetta Milano 20011

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    TEMIS is placed in the market as system provider, and it’s capable to provide a turnkey solution for the customers, starting from the requirement analysis until the product realization/qualification.

    Attention is given to quality assurance policy to design, produce and test products responding to a high quality and reliability level for professional and space applications.

    Attitude Control System (AOCS) TEMIS supports Large systems Integrators in the design, implementation and validation of the satellite AOCS subsystem. The company can start from the system requirements and define the attitude control system specification providing also a first dimensioning and choosing sensors and actuators.

    Test Systems (EGSE/SCOE)

    TEMIS has been involved in some important space projects as subcontractor of Large system Integrators. The main effort has been spent in the definition, project and realization of Electrical Ground Support Equipment’s (EGSE) with a special focus on the attitude and control subsystem and Payload SCOE.

    In-flight telemetry systems

    TEMIS, for the VEGA qualification launches, delivered the Avionic & Harness Subsystem (A&H).

    The A&H has been conceived with the purpose of assisting the Launch Vehicle in the acquisition and monitoring of key parameters inside the launcher fairing and of providing separation of the payloads (satellites) inside the launcher.

    In the frame of EXOMARS project TEMIS have developed and delivered the Central Electronics Unit (CEU) Boards in charge of:

    • communication I/F with CTPU fotr TM/TC,
    • Power conditioning
    • Payload sensors acquisition
    • housekeeping signals acquisition

    Electromechanical Actuators

    The current trend in aerospace is the replacement of hydraulic systems with electromechanical ones in order to simplify the architecture and to reduce and almost to zero the maintenance during long term storage. For this reason, in the last years, TEMIS has added a line of electromechanical actuators to its portfolio addressing the military market.

    TEMIS has gained competencies in the electrical actuator field, and it’s able to provide a qualified product for avionic purpose. Both the development of the actuator itself and of the HW/SW control parts are managed from the company engineers, allowing to deliver a turn-key system to the customers.

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